Valentine's Day wish
Valentine’s Day wish

Valentine’s day is a special occasion for some to express their secret crush for someone or a chance for couples to express their love to one another, it is a day to feel, to give and to receive happiness and affection by your special someone. There are many ways in which one can celebrate this day of love with their lover, some go out on a date and enjoy the company of their partner while some plan out huge surprises for their lovers. While some even write poetry for their partner, some simply cook a nice dinner for their special someone.

All these trivial little things become special and memorable when one puts in their love and affection into them wholeheartedly. Valentine’s day, also known as St.Valentine’s day has been celebrated worldwide not only by those who practice christianity but also from people from different culture and religion.


What can you do on Valentine’s Day in Singapore?

Huge skyscrapers, marvelous architecture and beauty all around, there are countless things which a couple can do on Valentines day Singapore. From taking your partner on top of Singapore flyers to planning a romantic walk in Gardens by the Bay. There are many ways of stealing away your partner’s heart and making them feel loved and special. If you want to have a peaceful and magical Valentine’s day with your partner, take them out on a date to S.E.A aquarium or enjoy a meal with them on Singapore cable car (Make sure they aren’t afraid of heights though). A couple can indulge in many wholesome and amazing activities in Singapore and have the time of their life. 


What is the real story about Valentine’s Day?

NO, Valentine’s Day is not celebrated to commemorate the love of Romeo and Juliet. In fact, the story behind the origin of this day of love and compassion is very dark. It is believed that during the third century when the Roman empire was ruled by Emperor Claudius II Gothicus, there was a Christian priest named Valentine who stood against the hard leadership of Claudius and took the side of love. During his reign Claudius the cruel, would forcefully separate men from their families to recruit them in his army to fight his battles. People used to be very scared of him and thousands of couples were broken up because of his hunger for war. 

But Valentine, who was just a simple priest began to secretly help the soldiers marry their lovers before they were sent off to war. Claudius found out about Valentine’s acts and had him thrown into prison and announced his execution.

In jail, Valentine fell in love with the daughter of the jailer who was blind. It is said that on the eve of his execution without any tool to write, Valentine wrote her a sonnet with the ink he squeezed from the violets and it made the blind girl see again. Unfortunately, their love story was not meant to be continued and Valentine was executed the very next day. The story of Valentine became very famous and eventually, he was granted sainthood and the Catholic Church created a feast in his honor. The church picked 14th February as the day to celebrate saint Valentine’s fight and passion for love.


Creative Valentine’s day gifts for boyfriend

Gifts are a great way of telling a person how deeply and passionately you feel about them.

While picking out something special for their partner, one looks for something which describes their bond and relationship, something which can express their affection and love towards them. If you are planning to give your boyfriend a present this Valentine’s Day, don’t go crazy and don’t freak out if you are having problems picking an ideal gift for him. Think and get creative with your gift, you can either buy something for them which they really desire but haven’t bought or you can create a handmade present for them, it can be either a photo collage of your favorite moments together or a gift card with a message for them. If you don’t have any idea of what to give to your special someone check out our Valentine’s special gift hampers listed below.

1. Hanako Preserved Flowers

Preserved flowers
Preserved flowers

Nothing says “I Love you” better than Heart shape flowers with 12 Preserved Roses with Fillers. 


2. Preserved Flowers Bundle – Somebody To Love

Preserved flowers
Preserved flowers

Our special hamper with a bunch of beautiful preserved flowers and a cute teddy bear.


3. Preserved Flowers Bundle – Dear, Darling

No special way to express your love and affection for your partner. Filled with flowers, candy box, a teddy bear and a wine bottle, this can be a perfect combo for you to give someone.

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What should I do on Valentine’s Day night?

Most people go out on a romantic dinner on Valentine’s, while some prefer a nice evening at home with their partner watching a romantic movie. There are many things which a couple can do on Valentine’s night and we have listed some of those amazing things below to help you take it up a notch and have a passionate Valentine’s. 


1. A Romantic Dinner

Romantic dinner
Romantic dinner

We are sure there must be a place you and your partner has anticipated about and have seen on Instagram while scrolling through your feed. Maybe it’s the right time to check that out of your wishlist and have a romantic dinner with your significant other.


2. Movie Night

Too tired to go out? then watching a movie you and your partner has always wanted to watch will be a great way to spend time together while cuddling in the comfort of your home. 

PS : We suggest watching One Day featuring Anne Hathaway or the classic romantic movie The Notebook.


3. A Romantic Walk

If you and your partner are a fan of long romantic walks perhaps going out on a walk with them after dinner would be a romantic and soothing way to end the day of love.


11 Unique Valentine’s Date Ideas


1. Binge watching date

A simple but a very nice and cozy way to spend Valentine’s Day. Get those blankets out and cuddle up next to an amazing lineup of Rom-com movies.


2. Adventurous date

Adventurous date
Adventurous date

Become a tourist in your own city for one day and visit famous spots with your partner and bond over cute moments together.


3. Car date

Put those seat belts on and grab each other’s hands while you go out on a long drive with your lover. Visit exotic places and enjoy street food and watch the sunset while listening to your favorite romantic music.


4. Food date

The way to a girl’s or a boy’s heart is also through the stomach. If they are a big time foodie, take them out on a food date and experience some of the best food in your city with your partner.


5. Museum date


No better way to grow together and learn a few interesting things than going on a museum date with your partner. It sounds a little dull but museum dates can be pretty exciting and amazing.


6. Sleepover date

We all have a fantasy of cuddling with your partner all night and just talking about having a future together while laying next to each other.

Sleepover dates can be a beautiful way to spend your time together and it will strengthen your bond with your partner.


7. Shopping date

Everybody likes shopping and if your partner loves to spend hours and hours roaming around the stores then take them to a shopping date. Save money beforehand and get him or her something nice of their choice.


8. Cycling date


Live a dream of many couples, go vintage and experience  a once in a lifetime classic old school movie moment. Cycle with him or her and roam around parks and have an amazing date.


9. Double date

If there is a couple both you and your partner are very fond of, go out with them on a double date and make the best out of your time together.

Do fun things together and have a blast with them. You can also go out for dinner with them and have a classy & nice time.


10. Volunteering date

If both you and your partner love to do community service, you can go out and do some volunteering work together. Doing such kind things together will surely help you reflect on yourselves and bring you closer to each other. 


11. A date with a memory

Every couple has a place which they consider very special and memorable. It can be a place where you had your first date with them or a place you both have a special memory attached to. Together, you can visit that place and go on a rollercoaster ride of beautiful memories.

All these unique date ideas listed above will do wonders for your relationship and you will get a chance to create precious memories with your partner. 


Where did Valentine’s Day start?

No it did not start in Paris!

As mentioned above, Valentine’s day started years after the execution of Christian priest named Valentine who stood against Claudius II Gothicus, emperor of the Roman empire. Claudius was cruel and due to his inconsiderate and cruel practices, young males were sent to war and many love stories were diminished. Valentine could not see this and began marrying those people before being sent to war. Later on Claudius found out about Valentine’s acts and sent him to jail after which he was sentenced to death.

After his martyrdom, his story became famous and after some years he was granted sainthood and people began calling him St. Valentine. 


Who was the creator of Valentine’s Day?

Pope Gelasius I established the feast of St. Valentine after granting him sainthood many years after his execution by Claudius II Gothicus. Valentine stood for love and so the idea of Valentine’s Day being recognized as the day of love began and people around the world started celebrating it.


What is the meaning of Valentine’s Day for youngsters? 


Many use this occasion to confess and propose the one they love, while many use this occasion to simply celebrate love and happiness with their partner. Although many consider this day a holy and special day, for some it is just a reason and an excuse to enjoy the company of their lover in serenity. Nowadays, couples all around the world go on dates and display their love and affection on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, they post cute pictures of their dates and try to depict their affection to their friends.


How can a person be a good partner?

Relationships are not just about cuddles and cute moments all the time. With love, relationships also bring responsibility and duties in your life which you have to respect and follow for the sake of your union with a person. From handling the outbursts of your partner to consoling them when they are sad or distressed, relationships are about reliability and rationality.

A person can only become a good partner for their lover when they truly respect them and their interests. Every relationship has ups and downs, only a strong-willed and devoted lover can withstand them and refrain from falling apart and out of love. The process of staying together amid chaos in a relationship is very tough and an impossible task for some, but when a person loves the other person unconditionally, falling apart is never an option. Whenever you feel that your partner is drifting away from you, use occasions like Valentine’s to your advantage to save your relationship and incite joy and passion in your partner’s heart.