Mulberry, the sweetest berry of fruit town. It is also popular as white mulberry, common mulberry, and silkworm mulberry. It is medium-sized, and the fastest kind of tree town as it grows swiftly up to 10-12 m tall. It is well said that life need not belong, it should be big as it fits perfectly with mulberry plants as they have a short span of lifelike humans. But there are some varieties which have been with us for 250 years. It seems that they have drunk ambrosia. They have professional life too, as their scientific name is Morus alba, they belong to the family Moraceae. 

Why are they grown?

If they have a short span of life comparable to humans then why are they grown? Well, they are being widely cultivated with a purpose, they are the ration of the silkworms, as the worms are holding down a job in the commercial production of silk. Mulberries are also vital for the fastest release of pollen and they are launched more than half the speed of sound. One can taste their berries when ripe.

Mulberries are more than one kind. Eager to know? Okay then come along!

Origin of mulberries:

Origins of Mulberries
Origins of Mulberries

Mulberries are of different kinds and they all are beyond yummilicious. There are majorly three kinds of mulberries, white mulberries, red mulberries, and black mulberries are all delicious. They are the foster brother of blackberries in the matter of being yummilicious but they are harvested from a tree, not from a shrub. 

Where do they come from?

All three kinds of mulberry trees belong to different abodes. The white mulberry known as Morus alba grows in the wild in central and eastern parts of China. It’s also been naturalized in Europe for hundreds of years. The queen red mulberries ( Morus rubra ) are also popular as the American mulberry, well you should be intelligent enough to guess its origin now. It is native to the East coast of America and grows wild from Massachusetts to Kansas and up to the Gulf Coast.

Now you might be wondering from where do the black mulberries come if they are black in shade? Morus nigra or Black mulberries are as old as the Romans. They have their abode in western Asia.

Mulberries are rich in history. They have been with us since the beginning, as it has been traced that ancient civilizations raised mulberries for the edible delicious berries. Their scattered canopies were used for the shade. When it came to knowledge that their leaves can be fed to the livestock they need for the mulberries expanded. The beautiful leaves of white mulberries are also the best-known food for silkworms in the business of silk.

What is mulberry silk and why is it expensive?

Mulberries are a luxury, yep don’t get astonished as to how the berry plant can be a luxury? Wait and give it a read to get your facts right about the mulberries.

As we all are aware that when it comes to fabric, silk is the epitome of luxury for it, does not matter whether it is for bed sheets, dresses, or robes. But making silk is not a cup of tea, effort is abundant behind making this luxurious silk alive and famed.  Cocoons are spun by the silkworms which are unraveled by the producers of silk to create a silk thread. 

Let’s know in depth the process of rearing mulberry silk which is loved by tonnes of the population as it is one of the finest quality.

Mulberry silk is being prepared by the silkworms that belong to the Bombyx mori moth. The moth is employed in one job and that is to lay eggs. When it lays up to 500 eggs, it gets its termination letter and then dies. The tiny eggs which are of pinpoint size are kept securely at 65 degrees Fahrenheit and then the temperature is slowly and carefully raised to 75 degrees Fahrenheit for the hatching of the eggs.

You might be wondering why such expensiveness as other fabrics is also procured with lots of hard work. Well, you must be aware that silk has sturdiness, can easily be dyed, and never be a reason for skin irritation. Don’t you think that they are worthy of being expensive? 

This unique plant provides a helping hand to you at every step.

Gifts for her | mulberry

Mulberry Gifts
Mulberry Gifts

Your bae’s special day is coming, or your female friend’s birthday is on the verge, and you are waiting for the occasion to make the lady fortunes of your life feel special and loved, then your thumbs are scrolling the right words, my pal. 

Items of mulberry silk are what every girl wants, as it makes them feel special and luxurious. Whether it’s a dress, hair accessories, or sheets to adorn the abode, girls go head over heels for the mulberry silk.

  • Mulberry silk shirt/ blouse: Have you ever heard a woman saying no to clothes, it is not going to happen in the parallel world either. What are you going to give your loved ones on their birthday? Don’t make yourself so stressed as the silk mulberry shirt will make things go easy for you. Keep your faith. It is surely going to be loved and cherished.
  • Hair wrapping: You are tired of removing your partner’s hair during sleeping, well the trouble is going to last no more, as the mulberry silk hair wrapping bands have got your back. On the next special occasion, give her a mulberry silk hair bonnet and be ready to receive immense hugs and kisses from her.
  • Mulberry Silk Masks: World has realized the value of health. Everyone knows that precaution is better than cure, shower your care and love on the lady luck of your life with a mulberry silk face mask. They never gonna take off that mask, it will make them the happiest as they can flaunt their mask look too. Now the care and the fashion will be on the same boat.
  • Hair scrunchies: Women adore their hair. Hair is the first love of a woman, if you think you are the one, condolence to you man! Well, it’s time to make your love’s first love all glow, then what’s better than hair scrunchies? Silk hair scrunchies are the instant stuff to make a girl go all jovial.
  • Mulberry silk dresses: Your girl is demanding a dress for so long, you might be swamped but being here means you are looking for something special then don’t wait, opt for a mulberry silk dress for your partner and make her feel she is on top of the world and you gonna love it too as seeing your loved one happy makes one happy too.
  • Mulberry bag: Please no bags! Said no women ever. Yes, you heard it right, mulberry bags make the most elegant gift. You are surely going to make your girl feel she is in seventh heaven by giving her a mulberry silk bag. This present is suitable for all occasions. If you don’t have a clue as to where to get it from, don’t feel blue as all you have to do is use your thumbs and type mulberry bags Singapore, and there you my friend. 

Gifts for him | mulberry

Men are so bewildering, to make them happy and cherish is the toughest task to do. Dear girls don’t get frazzled as mulberry silk is going to get you covered.

Silk is something no one could resist themselves from wearing. Below are some options to give to the love of your life, and pillar of your strength.

  • Mulberry silk tie: Make your gentleman look more elegant with a silk tie in his tuxedo. It will not only make him smarter but he is going to remark his workplace too.
  • Mulberry silk yoga pants: To be fit in these toughest times of the pandemic is the greatest task to do. Make your men feel more comfortable while doing yoga in his silk yoga pants, these pants never make him irregular. The silk is going to make your men healthier and you happier.
  • Silk pillowcase: Pillows are the comfiest space of one’s life. Your bae comes all tired from the work and you need to make him stress-free. Okay, it’s time to make your pillow wear a comfy dress. The silk pillowcase will make your bae forget all his anxiety and stress once he keeps his head on the pillow wearing that silk pillowcase.
  • Sleep mask: You must be aware that happiness consists of getting enough sleep. Make your men sleep all good with a silky mask which will provide them a comfy feeling and let them out of all the stresses he has been taking lately.
  • Silk bathrobe: Taking a shower makes one feel all light and fresh, give your man the silky bathrobe and witness the most cherished smile on his face as this is something very ordinary. It will make your partner go all contented as they are never gonna guess this as a present.

How do you design a mulberry bouquet?

Flowers never go out of trend. They are the genuine source of happiness. Blooms are there for you from your birth to life moments and death. They are the perfect option to get it as a present. Maybe you are busy and couldn’t design a bouquet for your beloved, don’t you take tension as gift delivery Singapore is there for you in all your thicks and thins. Mulberry bouquets are abundant as they consist of different kinds of fresh blooms, leaves, and flowers made on mulberry fabric as it provides an exquisite look. Flower bouquets fit perfectly well with all the happy occasions and festivals. One can design a mulberry bouquet by taking different varieties of fresh blooms such as roses, lilies to name a few, and wrapping paper after that you need to make flowers on the mulberry fabric. In the next step decorate your bouquet with leaves and extra foliage to look more elegant.

Well, mulberries not only make one look gorgeous but let one feel comfortable also. It is good for one’s health too. Let’s have a look at how healthy it is to eat mulberries.

Benefits of mulberries: 

Benefits of Mulberries
Benefits of Mulberries

Mulberries are rich in nutrients and vitamins but unfortunately, most of you are not aware of them. They are all-rounder of the fruit kingdom as it provides a plethora of benefits.

  • It improves digestion: Mulberries are rich in dietary fiber that helps our body to facilitate proper digestion. It makes the food pass properly through the digestive tract by which helps us against constipation, bloating, and stomach cramps.
  • Improves the blood sugar levels: If you need to keep a continuous check on your blood sugar level, well do friendship with Mulberries and eat them at regular intervals as they control the sugar level of your body.
  • Decrease the risk of cancer: Mulberries are rich in anthocyanins which helps in keeping the cancer cells at bay. They also consist of resveratrol which is famed to have anti-cancer properties which fight against colon cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, and thyroid.
  • Increase your immunity: In this pandemic, every single person is trying to increase their immunity and here the mulberries have that quality as they have the power to activate the alkaloids present in the macrophages which elevates one’s immunity.
  • Supports brain health: Want to be smart then start eating mulberries as they provide the calcium which our body seeks. And they even keep Alzheimer’s at bay.
  • Keeps you safe from flu and cold:  No one wants to suffer from flu and cold as it destroys the mood and the day. White mulberries act as an astringent and kill bacteria that make them natural doctors of flu and cold.