Wedding Vows Singapore Ideas
Wedding Vows Singapore Ideas

Nothing can beat happiness when you and your lover are finally holding a wedding party. During the ceremony, whenever the place is, either Singapore or other countries, you may feel sentimental regarding this big day of yours. It’s unlike those ordinary days, everything must be perfect and memorable. After preparing all the stuff needed for the wedding ceremony, the time is coming. A wedding ceremony could be very intimate besides overwhelmed by joy, laugh, and of course, happiness. It happens because both of the brides and groom express their wedding vows, to reflect their sincere feeling to each other that later might leave the crowd starting brimming.

What are wedding vows?

Meaning of Wedding Vows
Meaning of Wedding Vows

There are many ways to show your feeling towards order. Words never fail to explain things that appeared in your mind. Are you sincerely love your partner? You can express it with words to describe how much you love them.

Wedding parties occur anywhere. Among those wedding parties, whatever the theme, place, cultural approach, wedding vows are always being included during the ceremony. Even without knowing its meaning, we believe most of you have already known what is wedding vows.

Wedding vows are extremely personal. It consists of the special words that you deliver to your partner during the wedding ceremony. Mostly, wedding vows talk about the commitment to one another as a soon-to-be partner in life.

This may sound easy to only show your feeling by words, but, in reality, organizing wedding vows is kind of difficult. That’s why you need to take your time to create some beautiful words to be spoken to your partner.

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Do wedding vows suit every wedding ceremony?

Wedding Vows in Every Wedding
Wedding Vows in Every Wedding

This question might appear if you’re still wondering what words that fit well to be spoken to your wedding party. Don’t you want it to be perfect?

As we mentioned above, there’s a lot of wedding parties theme that occur all over the world. In Singapore, most couples usually go with traditional, non-traditional, religious, or even secular wedding party themes.

So, if you’re asking whether wedding vows suit every wedding ceremony around the world, including Singapore, the answer is yes. You can go with wedding vows to any marriage party theme of yours.

However, one thing to note, you have to consider what kind of words that you want to express. Wedding vows that contains humor is not suitable for traditional and religious theme, whereas, on the other side, humor words are needed in a modern-themed wedding party that guest mostly people of your age. It can entertain the crows too.

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Vow Idea for traditional wedding in Singapore

For some reasons, traditional is much better than modern, for example, wedding theme.

If you have any plan to hold a wedding party that uses traditional practice, cultural-related, the implementation of vow can be really meaningful. It’s far from boring. Moreover, using a classic vow, the heart-touching message can be delivered well during the ceremony.

The process of creating vows sometimes will lead you to run out of the idea. For a traditional wedding that is about to come in near future, these words below serve you as inspiration that you can consider trying.

“ I’m, willing to get you, to be my life partner, to begin our life from this day forward, for better or even the worse, to be richer or even become poorer someday, to be with you in your sickness, to love yet cherish till death do us part.”

The lines above remain a classic vow. It’s pretty popular and becomes the easiest to remember. So, without losing the sincere feeling towards your husband or wife-to-be, you can use these lines for the traditional wedding ceremony.

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Vow Idea for religious wedding in Singapore

Wedding Ceremony in Christian
Wedding Ceremony in Christian

A wedding ceremony could be sacred especially if both of the married couples are Christians and held the wedding at the church. Do you know that the Bible defines marriage as the moment to join two persons into one? It gives you the freedom to interpret a vow.

There’s a similarity between traditional wedding vows and religious wedding vows where you can edit some parts of both themes vows line, but surprisingly, the meanings are still the same. On the words, you can use classic vows with a few additional words.

“ I’m, willing to get you, to be my life partner, to begin our life from this day forward, for better or even the worse, to be richer or even become poorer someday, to be with you in your sickness, to love yet cherish till death do us part, according to God’s holy law, in the presence of God I make this vow”

As you can see, there are some additional words included in the vow above, The words “According to God’s holy law, in the presence of God I make this vow” make it clear that the ceremony involves God and as a way to be thankful to Him.

Vow Idea for non-traditional wedding in Singapore

The good part when it comes to a wedding vow is that you have the flexibility to create your own words with no limit especially if the wedding is modern-themed. 

Personalizing your wedding vow is a great way to express your sincere feeling towards the one you love the most. You can be honest by using these words, and as we mentioned earlier, you can also entertain the party guests.

Here we give you an example of a wedding vow for a modern ceremony. Feel free to change or add some words based on your preference.

“(Insert your partner’s name), I promise to love you, stay with you as your best friend, to be respectful and always support you, patiently live with you, be together with you to achieve what we wanted in life, to accept you just the way you are, and share every moment of our life.”

Aren’t these lines be easy to remember? You can also shorten or lengthen the vow above, just do whatever you want.

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