Congratulation card with flower bouquet
Congratulating Gift


Various kinds of flowers are a great idea for congratulating the woman where the flower delivery Singapore will help to deliver it. The flower always becomes a special item where it never fails to make a woman happy. It is a common thing to relate to women and flowers.

You can choose a beautiful bouquet of flowers for a woman. That bouquet can be made from the same types of flowers or you can combine more than a type of flower. The good thing is that there are so many flower variations that are available.

It means that in a hamper, you can also put some other items. Examples are chocolates, dolls, snacks, and many more. Your creativity is the key. In addition, the florist will make it is into a reality. Here are some congratulating gift ideas made from the flowers.

Rose Flowers Never Failed to Deliver the Day

Rose Flowers
Rose Flowers


Roses are the kinds of popular flowers in all the flower delivery Singapore services. This beautiful flower is like a symbol of love and sweetness. It also has a fragrance smell. The color is not only red but also others such as soft pink and more.
If your girlfriend loves simplicity, the pink rose bouquet is perfect. This congratulating gift will be looked great. Besides the pink roses, you can also choose the red roses for this bouquet.

This bouquet can be combined with other flowers too.
An example is a beautiful red rose bouquet which is combined with the baby breath flowers. The contrast of this amazing bouquet is seen from the black paper/special plastic used to wrap the flower. The gold ribbon will be placed in the bottom part.

The Rainbow Flower Bouquet for the cheerful Woman

The flower delivery will ensure that the bouquet will be delivered safely at the right time. It is included in the rainbow flower bouquet that you can buy for your cheerful woman. This rainbow bouquet is so unique and different. However, it is still sweet too.

The rainbow bouquet is made from the baby’s breath flower arrangement. The colors are pink, yellow, blue, and orange. Most of the colors are not that bright. They are so soft but still really attractive to see. Your woman will really love this congratulating gift.

This kind of bouquet is perfect for any occasion. The examples are like a baby shower, graduation moment, when your friends get the new baby, and more. It is also one of the most popular options of flowers which are always delivered by flower delivery Singapore.

The Single Flower can be Amazing too

We never deny that a bouquet of flowers is always attractive. However, if your woman loves the entire unique thing, she will love this congratulating gift. Well, actually it is the single stalk of phalaenopsis orchid placed in a pot. It is so unique and elegant.

The flower delivery Singapore often delivers this gift on several occasions. The examples are when your woman buys the new house, runs a new business, and many more. This flower is just so perfect and amazing. Its pink color shows softness and love.

In addition, this flower also looks so modesty and elegance. The matched pot will make it is more beautiful. The pot itself usually has a white color. It is a small and modern pot. This flower can be placed on a table or can be hung.

Flowers in a Vase is also Perfect

Sometimes maybe you want to congratulate your friends, not on only their graduation moment. It can be when they bought the new house, held a baby shower, and more. For these moments, you can ask the flower delivery to Singapore to deliver the flowers in a vase.

It is the perfect congratulating gift idea since it can be placed on the table. To make a beautiful arrangement, you can choose the mixed flowers. This arrangement consists of pink carnations, white gerberas, fillers, and red roses. A clear glass vase will be used for it.

The congratulating gift makes you able to congratulate a woman. It is especially when you cannot attend their special moment. Sending flowers is a smart option. You can call the trusted flower delivery Singapore to deliver the perfect flowers at a perfect time.