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apologizing flowers
Flowers for Apologizing


Apologizing by using a flower hand bouquet is one of the greatest ideas. It is because usually, a person who is angry will refuse to hear anything that you say. She is still in a bad mood and emotion. That is why; you must use the right strategy.

How to apologize with flowers is a very appropriate idea that you can do. It is also mostly done by most men because usually, a woman’s feelings will melt if her partner has done romantic things like giving a flower arrangement.

Actually how to apologize with flowers is not a difficult thing; before you have to know the meaning of the flower that will be used. Do not choose the wrong flower hand bouquet because usually, some flowers have different meanings. Here are the recommendations.

White Tulips

This flower originally comes from the Netherlands. They are often associated with symbols of happiness. However, with a variety of beautiful colors, of course, each flower has a different meaning. You must know the meaning of the flower before sending it.

One of them is a white tulip flower which is a symbol of sincerity, purity, hope, and forgiveness. Therefore, white tulip flowers are very suitable to be used as a flower hand bouquet that conveys an apology and can give you a second chance from a loved one.
A bouquet which is arranged from 18 white tulips and filler is looked amazing. It is clean and pure like a cloud. Meanwhile, if you want to make a colorful bouquet, the white tulips can be also combined with other flowers that have a different color.


These flowers have various different colors and shapes. They resemble lavender flowers and have a unique aroma. If you are serious about making an apology to someone you love, a gift of a blue hyacinth bouquet is perfect as an apology gift.
In addition to flowers, you can also add a greeting card containing an apology message in this flower hand bouquet. Another option is placing a teddy bear on the flower bouquet. These sweet gifts can melt the atmosphere and make your partner finally forgive you.

The florist has so many collections of hyacinth flower bouquets to choose from. Usually, this bouquet will be wrapped in a special wrapping paper. It can be decorated with some accessories too. The most popular one is for sure the ribbon and filler.


Apart from being an expression of love, a series of roses can be an alternative romantic gift to apologize to your loved ones. Each color in a rose certainly has a different meaning. It is shown and can be used for a different moment.

In general, white roses are often used as an expression of forgiveness or apologizing to someone. It is because this type of flower hand bouquet symbolizes purity of heart, good intentions, and also peace. It also looks as elegant as a gift.

You can also vary the white rose arrangements by including a greeting card as an apology. Placing a bar of chocolate in this flower bouquet can be another sweet idea to do. This method gives you a very high possibility to be forgiven.

A unique hand bouquet with only a single red rose is also perfect. In this bouquet, a single red rose will be surrounded by white fillers. Then, the black wrapper will use to accentuate the color. This bouquet shows that she is your only love.

White Orchid

A flower hand bouquet white orchid is also a perfect choice to apologize for. This exotic and beautiful flower is very suitable to be given as a flower of apology. It is because the white orchid represents a sincere feeling and purity of heart.

By giving this interest, you have shown that you are truly sorry and sincerely apologize. White orchids can be arranged in a bouquet and combined with some other different flowers. The florist will show you the collections of this kind of bouquet.
Besides arranged as a hand bouquet, the white orchid can be also planted in a base. If you want to, it is also a great idea to plant a live orchid in a pot. It looks simple but can be an elegant display at home.

White color is always perfect to show your regret. However, the colorful flower arrangement can also cheer up the nuance and help you to apologize. The key is arranging the flower hand bouquet beautifully to touch other people’s hearts.


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