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Within different flower colors from online flower delivery of various flowers, there are hidden many symbolical meanings of any kind of flowers and it’s a certain scent. Flowers have been used to commemorate special occasions for centuries. From congratulations, apologies, from wedding to birth.

But not only that. it can add a visual appeal to your home, fresh blooms can also create a pleasing atmosphere. You can make the ambiance in your home become happier and relax by combining fresh flowers with scented candles.

You can take the aromatherapy experience up a notch with the addition of scented candles. But, surely you don’t want the scent of your bouquets clashed against by the candles. But you want a candle to enhance the ambiance of your home.

Knowing Type Of Scent Families

1. Floral

There are four main scents that each type followed by their sub-families. The type of floral is commonly found in women’s perfumes. It smells almost like baby powder or like fresh blooms with a slight powdery note.
Floral has four sub-families, they are floral-oriental which is florals with a spicy undertone, floral which is fresh-cut flowers like lilies and roses, soft floral which is powdery, soft, and subtle, and the last is fruity which is tropical and sweet like apples.

2. Woody and oriental

The woody scent gives a warm and luxurious feel with a slightly bitter smell, woody, and musky. This scent has the following sub-families: dry woods is like the kind you get from leather, it is smoky scents. mossy woods is smooth, sweet, and earthy.
Woods is such as sandalwood and cedarwood, it is an aromatic fragrance. The oriental scent is exotic, rich scents such as resin, herbs, spices. It has several sub-family. First is a soft oriental that has warm spices, it is a subdued floral scent. The Second is oriental which includes vanilla, cinnamon, and musk, it is very cozy and sweet. And the last sub-families is woody oriental which has spicy notes and a tinge of sweetness, it has earthy notes.

3. Fresh

The fresh family encapsulates bright, clear scents. These scents just like the feeling you get after a warm bath. This scent includes citrus, ocean, the scents of herb. It has four sub-families which are green, water, citrus, and aromatic.
The green is the scent like freshly-mowed grass or petrichor after the rain. The sub-family water can remind you of the smell of the sea, it is oceanic notes. Citrus is zesty, with tangy notes. And aromatic is fresh herbs and clean scents.

Match The Scent With fresh Flower From Online Flower Delivery


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You have known about kinds of scents and now let’s start to consider combining these different aromas. Most of the fragrance families mix well just like the color wheel where complementary and contrasting colors go well together.
You can blend scent families in the harmonious blend like oriental mix woody, floral mix oriental, fresh mix floral, and woody mix fresh. You can also match it by creating the fragrance wheel or based on the sub-families at opposite ends.
The fragrance wheel can showcase online flower delivery the various scent sub-families and families, which is around the diagram grouped according to the relationship of the scent. The four primary scents are oriental, floral, woody, and fresh as mentioned above.

Not like what you imagine, the scent might not always be flowery. For example, the smell of roses sometimes is a combination of all these fragrances or ranges of musky. You can categorize it into a scent family.

Arrange flowers from Online Flower Delivery In Variative Vase Size

choose a few types when arranging in a large vase. Choose flowers that have sturdy and long stems. To use as a centerpiece, pick one colored variety. To arrange flowers in a medium vase, pick a colorful main and secondary flower.
Then filling with textured neutral colors of flowers from online flower delivery in the rest of the vase. It’s important to cross-cross the stems because there are many flowers. Or even you can tie them so that they stay in one place, tie with twine.

To get look best when arranging flowers from an online flower in a small vase, you can fill the vase with few bright statement flowers. Choose a variety of textures and contrasting colors to create a more dynamic look. It’s not necessary to fill with greenery.

Because you use a small vase and there will not be much space to be filled in. You can go ahead to obtain scented flowers and candles from online flower delivery and decide which you like best.


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