White Day
White Day


What is the Meaning of White Day?

The date is March 14. Does it ring a bell? That is precisely one month after the beloved Valentine’s Day, the day of love. White Day comes from Japan, where the men who received sweets a month before would return the gift with other sweets to the giver. In Japan, it is common for women to give chocolates to men on Valentine’s Day. The present would be exchanged precisely a month after on White Day instead. However, in other countries, the role of men and women may be reversed.

While the day of celebration of love and romance, Valentine’s Day, is well-known worldwide, returning the favor a month later might not be as known. It is common for most countries to go all out on the day and spread genuine romance and affection with romantic gifts, such as flowers. On the other hand, White Day originated from Japan in 1978 as the answer to the previous Valentine’s Day. You can see White Day being mentioned in Japanese comic books, movies, and animes, but it might not be as significant in other countries. Japan’s National Confectionary Industry Association started this day.

In this article, we are going to explain what this holiday is. In the end, we will give you some gift ideas that your partner is going to love!


What is White Day Singapore and Other Countries?



White Day is indeed celebrated in Singapore, but it has a slight difference from the original Japanese celebration. Women get sweets and gifts on Valentine’s Day and return the favor on White Day! Therefore, on White Day, the men must wait for gifts from their beloved ladies. It is merely the day where women can surprise partners with some charming presents.


White Day is also common in other Asian countries, such as South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. This other day of love might be unofficial, and there would be some differences according to their countries. For example, in South Korea, men receive gifts on Valentine’s Day and return it to their significant other next month. But basically, it’s the day where every gift is returned, no matter what gender! 

If you are not sure what to give your beloved one, keep scrolling to find out white day gift ideas! We got you.


White Day vs. Valentine’s Day

White Day vs Valentines Day
White Day vs Valentines Day


Other than the one month apart, White Day and Valentine’s Day have some other differences. Valentine’s day is where everything is about the heart, surrounded by the red color representing love. On the other hand, White Day, as the name suggests, is filled with the color white. So if on Valentine’s Day, it is common to find chocolates and sweets with red packaging, White Day’s presents are more towards white purity. This means white chocolates and sweets, white gold and silver jewelry, white flower bouquets, and other cute gifts that are white. The white color represents the sweetness and the purity of love.

Let’s see how they do this in Japan. Women would give chocolate or other sweets to men, and the men who received the gifts would need to give other White Day gifts in return. It is also common that girls give chocolates to others. 

On Valentine’s Day, three types of chocolates are given in Valentine’s Day Japan: tomo-choco, Giri-choco and honmei-choco. Tomo-choco means giving chocolate to friends as an appreciation of friendship. Giri-choco means obligatory chocolate, which is provided by someone who is not involved with you at the friendship or romantic levels, such as colleagues and bosses. Lastly, honmei-choco is the chocolate you give to someone you love as a means to express that you trust them from the bottom of your heart. Honmei-choco is given to a romantic partner that is usually handmade or fancier because it’s more special. 


The gifts that are given on White Day are different. One of the traditions is called “sanbai gaeshi” where White Day gifts would need to be more expensive, around two to three times, from Valentine’s Day gifts. The words mean “triple the return.” This means that the men give White Day gifts fancier, such as expensive chocolates and white jewelry. But, it is also common that they make handmade ones. Still, all the gifts are white to represent purity and sweetness, and probably sugar.


How Long is White Day?

White Day lasts for the whole Day of March 14. It is another day of romanticism other than Valentine’s Day, which also lasts for an entire day. Another day that also lasts a day is Black Day, which comes a month after White Day as a special day for the singles who didn’t receive any gifts on the previous days of love. The name comes because, on the day, singles would go to eat jajangmyeon alone, which is Chinese-style Korean black noodles. 


Why is White Day Called White Day?

Valentine’s day came to Japan back in the 1960s. However, men didn’t need to return the favor at all. White Day was created to allow two partners to reciprocate their love for each other. The name wasn’t used until 1980, where Ishimura Mansei-do, a confectionery shop, and the National Confectionery Industry Association started to refer to the Day as White Day. The day is meant to be pure and sweet, hence the color white. Since then, White Day has become throughout Japan. Now, it is well known in other countries such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and some parts of China.


5 Return Gift Ideas of Valentine’s Day on White Day

You might wonder what to give back in return. You need to understand that White Day is the simplicity, meaning that you don’t have to go all glitter and glamour. Something simple such as a white rose, is nice as a White Day gift. While there are beliefs that say the gifts need to be fancier, it still is not as expensive as a laptop. You can relax and purchase simple White Day gifts to return the chocolates you receive. Something to note is, you shouldn’t return a gift if you don’t like the sender. You only give to the ones that exist in your heart; therefore, no matter what White Day gifts you give, it is indeed special.

So, what gift should you choose on White Day? Should marshmallows, white chocolate, cookies, or candies be sufficient? Here is a tip: do not give marshmallows! While marshmallows are popular treats that are often consumed on holidays, the fact that marshmallows easily melt and dissolve doesn’t represent good White Day gifts meaning. Below are five return gift ideas of Valentine’s Day on White Day as well as its meaning!

1. Cookies



Are you wondering if you would say that you’d rather stay friends with the gift giver? Cookies are the best way to mean that. This is because cookies are crunchy, which would represent the dryness of a relationship. So, that is why you should give cookies to friends instead of romantic partners.

2. Candies

The sweetness of candies lasts for a long time in your mouth, slowly melting while you hold it for some time. Giving candies represents the idea that you like the person. What about macarons? Macarons are somewhere between cookies for their crunch and candies for their sweetness. Because macarons are considered a fancier type of cookies, it could mean that the receiver is special and deserves a special kind of cookie. However, different places, generations, or even persons would consider the meaning differently, so it’s totally fine to get what you feel like you want to get!

3. Gifts for Men

If you want to give your men some gifts, you could choose some gifts for men that would be awesome to have! New pair of shoes or leather wallet would never go wrong. If your man is obsessed with sneakers, why don’t you give him a pair of sneakers? Other types of shoes would also work depending on what your men like, pay attention, and give what he needs. Anyway, a new pair of kicks would never be a waste for a man.

Another idea for gifts for men is a grooming kit. You can give him a fancy shaver or trimmer that would last a long time and be used almost every day! Wouldn’t that make him remember you every time he sees the mirror in the morning? It would be a gift that your man would appreciate as it is very useful.

Or, why don’t you give him an edible bouquet? It could be a chocolate bouquet, cotton candy bouquet, fruits bouquet, or even nugget bouquet! The bouquet makes it fancy, but your men would love something to snack on for the day. A bouquet to munch on would make his day more cheerful!

4. Pampering

Now, gifts can also be in the form of services, such as a haircut and spa treat. Let’s start with a haircut. Both girls and guys are obsessed with haircuts, so why not take your partner to his or her favorite salon? Perhaps you can get him or her to try on different styles or have a perm. New hair color would be adventurous too, wouldn’t it? There are many possibilities for this gift, but don’t force him to get something he or she doesn’t like!

Next is a spa treatment, which might be quite intimidating for men, but because this is a gift for you, he can say goodbye to toxic masculinity! Show him different treatments available and convince him that it’s amazing to pamper and love his body now and then. Please note that if you plan on giving treatments as your gift, don’t forget to check your partner’s availability for the day!

You can also give them something you know that would be useful–such as a gym membership. If your partner has hinted that they would like to go to the gym, usually around new years as part of new years resolution, this would be a great gift!

5. Couple’s Activities

Couple's Activities
Couple’s Activities


Time is one of the most favored love languages, so why not spend some quality time with your couple as part of their gifts? The first idea is to go on a hike. This is a challenging activity that you and your partner can try and tackle together! If you want to relax a bit, there are a lot of nature spots in Singapore. It’s not expensive, with some public spaces that you can visit. Yes, Singapore is a busy metropolitan, but these are places that are not to be missed! Why don’t you take your partner to go sightseeing around?

Or, would you like to seek more fun activities? A zoo and amusement park would be great. Why don’t you give your partner a full day of strolling around Universal Studios Singapore? You can go on fun roller coasters together, grab some tasty meals, stroll around, and try different cute rides that would be super romantic.

Lastly, you could also spend the whole White Day at home by cooking together. Foods deliver a special meaning, especially homemade ones. Can you imagine how much love is put into homemade dinner that you both make together? Very romantic!


You don’t have to be in Japan to celebrate White Day. While it is amazing to be in Japan on the day as there would be special corners for White Day in shops and supermarkets, White Day Singapore has a lot to offer! If you are still confused about what to get, you can always send your beloved ones some pretty flowers. Don’t forget to give back some love you receive on Valentine’s Day!