Funeral Wreath
Funeral Wreath


Thinking about the wreath origin may be a little confused. It was not a coincidence when someone laid it on his door. Someone may think that this circular floral pattern is exciting and beautiful.

And they who thought that might want to put the flower arrangement too in their door. But you can do that easily without knowing its meaning and symbolism. There are several facts and origins about it you need to know.

The first written record of circle floral arrangement dates back to ancient Romance and Greek around 150 before the century. At that time, people wore it as a headdress. They arranged it from twigs, small flowers and fruits, and tree leaves.

What do wreaths symbolize? They represent occupation, achievement, and status. The word wreath comes from the word wrioa (the old English word) and means that which circles around—the arrangement used for various purposes that have specific meanings such as a funeral.

The Message, Location, Time, and Arrangement



You may think, What is a funeral wreath? The funeral wreath represented the circle of eternal life. When made of evergreens – the symbol of endless strength because evergreens survive harsh winters – the funeral wreath of early Christian martyrs expressed victory of the everlasting soul over death. If you want to send a flower, the most important thing is to address the flowers to both the deceased and family. Do not forget to choose a personal arrangement. You can choose their favorite color.

Also, add a message to show your attention and condolences to them. It is quite challenging to find the words to say and must be wisely thinking about it. Try to raise the spirit of them with your message.

Also, show them that you care and they are not alone. Offering a sense of support and understanding can be a great way to write your message. So, be as wise as possible when sending them a message.

Avoid ordering an inappropriate arrangement because there is a certain feeling in certain types. Also, always consider the style of the recipient. If it is informal, choose a casual flower.

Contrary, if it is a formal event, just pick an appropriate arrangement. When you wish to show your respect for them but you are unable to come, it is no matter. There is always a way to show your attention.

By ordering online, it will be sent to a funeral director or individual’s home directly. You can ask the organizing service to know the designs and color schemes that are in play if you want to send it to the funeral director.

Keep in mind that the flowers must be sent to your location, so you need to consider how long the process takes to arrive before the wreath-laying ceremony occurs.

Another important thing related to location is that large white arrangements match with collared halls of a home while the flower arrangement for white churches and conventional homes is more suitable with colorful flowers.

Other Different Types of Wreaths

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas is always celebrated with beautiful wreaths, as it holds a very important meaning in Christianity. From a religious point of view, the wreath symbolizes a never-ending circle of life as its shape is like a ring. Usually, a Christmas wreath is made of a combination of red and green color, with green as its main wreath color and red as the decorations on it like the red holly berries. In this case, the color green represents growth, and the red holly berries represent the blood of Jesus on the crucifixion.

Seasonal Wreaths

People hang flower wreaths not only during the Christmas season but also during spring, summer, fall, and winter. As wreaths are versatile decorations, it can be hung all year round even if it is not a festive season.

Spring symbolizes the beginning of the year with beautiful bright colors where flowers are starting to bloom again. Spring wreaths should consist of bright flowers and leaves to show the spirits of new beginnings.

During the summer, people would also hand wreaths to freshen up the vibe and their house. Daisies are most suitable for making summer wreaths as they are fresh and their colors are so vibrant. Sunflowers would also make great summer wreaths due to its bright and vivid yellow color.

Fall is the season of festivities and celebrations. It is deemed to be the most fun season as there are a lot of activities such as Thanksgiving and Halloween. You can definitely make your own Fall wreath with yellow and orange flowers and hang it on your door to welcome guests that come to your home during this festive season.

Choosing Flowers and Its Color

To choose the flowers, there are many recommendations. Including shapes, an array of designs, and hues. You can choose whether to use contemporary or traditional arrangements. They can express your condolences and sympathy.
There are common flowers that are used such as daisy, chrysanthemum, gladiolus, aster, carnation, delphinium, gerbera, and roses. Carnation and roses are used to give the classic and traditional feel, while to get a contemporary style, you can choose a flower combination.

The commonly used flower’s color is deep purples and bright yellow. They do generally not carry glaring or loud tones. Instead, they muted hues and soft showcases. The color tends to the personal preference enjoyed by the deceased.
You can choose the various designs of condolences flower stands, table arrangement, and wreath. To commemorate the loss of your beloved one, convey your compassion and sympathy by sending them condolences wreath flowers from Flowers Singapore.

How to Preserve Your Fresh Wreaths?

Typically, fresh flower wreaths last for 2 to 5 days before they are deprived of hydration and nutrients and begin to wilt. In order to keep your flower wreaths fresh last for a long time, you first need to buy it as fresh as possible. Then leave your wreath submerged in a bucket of fresh and clean water for at least 24 hours to make sure they have absorbed a lot of water. Then you might want to mist them at least every two days to keep the wreath well hydrated, as flowers will last longer if they are properly hydrated. Lastly, keep them away from warm spots to prevent them from drying out quickly. Keep your wreaths in a well air-conditioned area or you may also put them outdoors at night when it is colder to make sure they last longer.


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