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teddy bear

  • Teddy Bear Cake (Sponge Base) comes in a 2kg size. Flavours: Chocolate, Moist Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla.
    From SGD 126
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  • Teddy Bear Cake (Mousse Base) comes in a 2kg size. Flavours: Black Forest, Chocolate Mousse, Heaven and Earth and Mango Mousse.
    From SGD 142
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  • 6 stalks of carnations bouquet with a teddy bear in a bouquet. Bear design is vary due to its availability.
    SGD 72
    SGD 82
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  • Get your special offer for the teddy day weekly special days. The offer contains 15 bold stalks of red roses expressing your passion for her, while a huggable teddy brings out your softer side, creating a balance and a sure combination to put a smile on her face. The roses have been enticed with statice and baby's breath around it, which altogether has been wrapped in decorative paper and tied with ribbon.
    SGD 114
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  • A Hand Bouquet of 1 Purple Rose, 2 Pink Roses, 1 Teddy Bear and Baby Breath Filler
    SGD 71
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  • Baby gifts that consists cute teddy bear, a small balloon, tropical fruits (depending on season availability), blue hydrangea, blue roses, red roses, and yellow lilies
    SGD 150
    SGD 167
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  • Don't just wait till Valentine's day to make your lover feel special. Make your partner feel Just Dreamy and lovey-dovey with a bouquet of 4 red roses and beautiful green colored fillers. A chubby Teddy Bear tucked along side would make your event even more auspicious.
    SGD 73
    SGD 81
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  • Sitting next to her is like a melody's playing. Just go with this bouquet of 3 Pink Roses with a teddy bear, and you will get her heart.
    SGD 77
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  • A Bouquet of 3 Red Roses, Pink Carnations and Purple Crysanthemum with Small Teddy Bear
    SGD 80
    SGD 91
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  • A Bundle of Small Bouquet of Pink Rose and Baby Breath, Teddy Bear, and Ferrero Rocher (5pcs)
    SGD 83
    SGD 87
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  • An Alluring Hand Bouquet Consists of 10 Red Roses, Fillers, and a Teddy Bear in the middle of the arrangement.
    SGD 109
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  • A Mix Flower Basket consisting of 5 White Roses and 5 Gompies, also with an addition of Teddy Bear
    SGD 114
    SGD 129
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  • A Mix Flower Basket of 3 White Roses, 3 Red Roses, 4 Gompies, Teddy Bear, and A Heart Balloon. This is a romantic yet very adorable
    SGD 121
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  • A Heart -shaped Box with Half filled with Red Roses, and the other half filled with Teddy Bear and Ferrero Rocher.
    SGD 138
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  • A sweet hand bouquet with teddy bear in the middle of 10 pink roses, also filled with baby breath fillers.
    SGD 90
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