Common Daisy
Common Daisy


Daisy flowers are one of the favorite flowers that are frequently found in a hand bouquet. Daisy meanings are purity and sincerity; it is no wonder this flower is often used as a flower bouquet and given to loved ones. Daisy may not have a strong charm like roses, but the beauty of a daisy flower can make anyone who sees it happy.  

Some people may not know, and others may learn about daisy today; either way, you can never get enough about daisy’s fact. Daisies are flowers with a beautiful appearance originated from China. Daisies are exotic flowers that have been used for centuries as decorations. Interestingly, daisies are very easy to get and have no season for flowering.  This beautiful flower can grow in various climates from tropical to cold—this flower height ranging from 30 to 70 cm. The daisy flower is a type of flower that comes from the Asteraceae family. The Asteraceae is the largest family of flowering plants.

Apart from beautifying the garden, this flower is also popular as a cut flower used as a medium for expressing feelings, arranged into a charming bouquet, and then served as decorations at weddings, birthdays, or just as home decoration. Daisies are widely sold in florists, along with other flowers such as tuberose, roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, sunflowers, baby breath, and many more.

The characteristic of a daisy is its flower petals arranging like paper flower and sunflower. Another fascinating fact about a daisy is it opens its petals in the morning when the sun rises and closes again at sunset.

There are more interesting facts about this flower, which is also known as the Aster flower? Find the information below!

What Does Daisy Mean?

Orange Daisy
Orange Daisy


Daisy name comes from is the Old English word “ dægeseag ” which means “day’s eye” because it blooms only from sunrise to sunset. The common daisy is technically known as Bellis Perennis. It comes from the word Bellus which means beautiful, and Parennis, which means eternal. These flowers are generally white, but Daisy has many colors, such as yellow daisy. When daisies grow, it resembles a neat shrub.

However, daisy flower meaning is innocence, purity, loyalty, tenderness, and happiness. People give this flower to a partner who is angry or jealous to deliver the message that the partner is still loyal. This flower has various colors, such as white, red, and orange, symbolizing positive meanings.

The meaning of daisy flower also varies depending on the color,

  • White daisy symbolizes innocence and purity.
  • Red daisy represents hidden feelings of love, hidden beauty, sincerity, and simplicity.
  • Orange daisy signifies warmth and joy.

What Is Special About A Daisy?

In addition to its beauty and fragrance of daisy perfume, daisies are an “Edible Flower.” People usually use daisy for topping salad or tea. Daisy flower tea is believed to be able to relieve colds and flu; aside from that, daisy flower has many health benefits such as:

Digestive Problems



Daisy extract is useful for treating gastrointestinal problems such as mild constipation, diarrhea, gastritis, liver complaints, and gallbladder. Daisy extract is also beneficial for increasing appetite. This flower also has antispasmodic for treating stomach cramps.

Treating Colds, Bronchitis, and Respiratory Tract



Daisy flower is well known for its anti-inflammatory, antitussive, and expectorant agent. Daisy flowers are used as a tea to treat colds, bronchitis, and other respiratory tracts. Daisy extract can also be used as a mouthwash.

Treating Bruises and Open Wounds



Known for its pain-relieving (anodyne), daisy extract can be used to treat wounds. In ancient Rome, daisy was used to treat wounded soldiers. During the Middle Ages, the flowers were also used to treat bruises, sprains, or joint swelling.

For Beauty



The benefits of daisy flowers for beauty are brightening the skin because its extract contains a natural substance called L-arbutin. L-arbutin can inhibit melanin formation for reducing dark spots. Daisy extract can also be a substitute for Hydroquinone or a substance used to treat hyperpigmentation and disguise dark spots. Because daisy is a natural ingredient, it is safe to use for the skin.

What Is A Big Daisy Called? What Are Colorful Daisies Called?

Yellow and pink Daisy
Yellow and pink Daisy


Shasta daisy is one of the enormous daisies. It used to be called Chrysanthemum x superbum but nowadays, commonly referred to as Leucanthemum x superbum. Sashta daisy can grow to a maximum height of 3 to 4 feet with an equal spread. Some daises have many varieties of color, but shasta daisies are limited to only white petals with a yellow center.

Based on their color, daisies are classified into several types, including:

  • Light yellow, pink, white, dark blue, and light blue: Chinensis daisies Princes type.
  • Light blue, white, pink, dark red, violet, red and white: American Chinensis daisies.
  • Pink, dark red, white, and blue: Aster Chinensis Liliput type
  • White, deep red, and pink: Aster Chinensis Giant Cornet type.
  • Young Violet: Aster novae-angliae.
  • Violet and slightly bluish: Aster incise.

Why Do Daisies Stink?

Not all daises smell, but some people found Shasta daisies smell like cat urine or manure, and it can be offensive only if you stick your nose in one. Daisies give off this scent to attract a pollinator. However, daisy’s pollinators are not bees or butterflies and bees but insects such as flies and beetles. These insects are commonly attracted to feces, dirty thrash, rotting meat, or other decaying organic filth. Therefore, daisy emits foul odors.

How Long Do Daisy Blooms Last?

Blooming Daisy
Blooming Daisy


Daisy does not have a flowering season. It will bloom anytime when it is ready. Daisies’ lifespan is only two years, and after that time, the flower will die, starting with daisy stop blooming, and later the flower withers quickly. For this plant to bloom, all you need to do is make sure the plant gets enough sun exposure for photosynthesis. When the buds appear, water the plant sufficiently so the flower will not dry. And also, prune the daisies regularly to let the branches grow.

Do Daisy Plants Spread?

Daisy is a type of flower that spreads, and they can be an aggressive grower. As long as you do not want the daisy to spread, you can remove the flower before going to seed. Sowing daisies is not difficult and should be done at least every two to three years to keep the plants from getting too big. Propagation can be done from seed or by separating the roots and growth for planting. Daisy tends to grow from 2 to 3 feet tall and 1 to 2 feet wide.