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Original fresh flowers treated with special processing
Maintaining its original beauty and freshness condition for several years
Different from ordinary artificial or dried flowers


Treat with care as it is very fragile and delicate
Do not water
Avoid high temperature, humidity and direct sun shine (may cause color fading)

Same day Preserved Flowers Delivery Singapore

  • Preserved roses with Preserved various preserved flower arrangement. (Approximately dimension: d =7 cm x h = 9 cm)
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  • The most popular products of all time. Various of Preserved roses with preserved Hydrangea & leaves arranged in a beautiful Sakura Theme Vase. Available colours: Red and Orange. (Approximately dimension: d =11 cm x h = 12 cm)
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  • Preserved Roses with preserved hydrangea and leaves arrange in a nice vase arrangement. (Approximately dimension: 11x4x15 cm)
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  • Preserved Roses with Preserved Hydrangea, Leaves, Grass in a steel Vase. (Approximately dimension: 19x4x8 cm)
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  • Beautifully arrangement preserved Roses with other preserved flower arrangement in a black box that will surely put a smile to the receiver of the item. (Approximately dimension: 17x17x8 cm)
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  • Treasure your memories with your loved ones with our Photo Frame arrangement. Combined with our preserved flowers it will make your memory everlasting. (The size of the photo is 10.2 x15.2 cm ; Approximately dimension of flower arrangement: 17x11.5x6 cm)
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  • Heart shape flowers with 12 Preserved Roses with Fillers. This Heartshape flowers is suitable for Valentine's and you can also hang it in your house. (Approximately dimension: 23x19x13 cm)
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