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Flowers are something may it be real or artificial that people adore. Although real flowers are more beautiful and natural, but artificial plants and flowers also impress and attract many people. Artificial plants and flowers are attractive and very durable to be placed anywhere and anytime, unlike real flowers with different limitations. The following will discuss artificial plants and flowers and how to get them easily.

Are artificial plants bad?

Artificial plants are not that bad because they have so many benefits. We often get questions about the benefits of artificial plants compared to natural plants. One of the benefits is beautifying your home room without much care, and it can be used as a durable gift like a plant and flower decoration.


Where to buy artificial plants/flowers?

You can buy artificial plants or flowers in Singapore easily, even online. You can find it on Flower Advisor’s website. Flower Advisor is an e-commerce that makes it easier for you to buy various real or artificial flowers in Singapore. Home interior enthusiasts like to use artificial flowers because they can arrange them again and again.


Can artificial plants be used outdoors?

Artificial plants can be used or placed outdoors. Naturally, this seasonal change has an impact on your interior too! Although the home interior is affected by the season’s change, you can rearrange or change artificial flowers accordingly to function like real flowers. One of the most significant benefits of artificial plants is that they are not subject to seasonal changes. Natural plants are changing from summer to fall following the temperature and other natural conditions, but artificial plants always remain their cheerful and good-looking self.

Plant lovers who had some natural plants in their homes may have experienced the seasonal change problem. When the season is changing, your plants may start to shed their leaves or change their appearance altogether.

If artificial plants get dusty, you can easily clean them and make them seem as lively as the day you purchased it. Another significant benefit of artificial plants is that they require a lot less care and maintenance than natural plants. While natural plants must be watered and trimmed regularly, such maintenance is not necessary with artificial plants.

Like natural flowers, artificial plants will require some degree of maintenance from time to time. However, the requirements for care are more straightforward. For instance, the leaves of artificial plants can gather dust after a long period.

Another thing that makes artificial plants easy to care for is that they do not require air, water, and sunlight access. Some people have empty spots in their home or office they would love to put a plant in, but they find that this place lacked sunlight. So, it would make sense to use artificial plants in these cases.

It is no longer a problem anymore if your home has no good spot for natural flowers at all. Artificial plants are strong, durable, and remain unaffected by factors that would otherwise damage natural plants. With artificial plants, you do not have to worry about some of the harmful elements that could affect natural plants. One prime example of such elements are insects that are attracted to natural plants. They can invade your natural plants and even your home!

Another problem that may occur with natural plants is rotting plant trunks. Since artificial plants do not have to be watered, you do not have to worry about that. You can put the artificial plant in different pots or locations whenever you please!


Should one get real or fake plants?

Real or fake plants are both good and bad. It depends on your choice. Native plants require more intense care and a lot of time to pay attention to them. Meanwhile, fake plants don’t need it all. It only takes your sensitivity to place it indoors or outdoors as a decoration to make the room different from before and attract other people to pay attention to it.

Artificial plants aren’t exactly bad but consider not filling the whole house with them. Some spots around your home might be okay for a fake plant as real plants can’t grow in some interior areas that are short on light. Regardless of how beneficial artificial plants are, try to use as many natural plants as you can.


Why are fake plants expensive?

Unlike fresh flowers, which require refrigeration, fake flowers are made from materials that cannot be damaged. You can use artificial plants for more than one occasion, and they still look stunning and attractive as in the beginning. However, fake flowers can be more costly because they last longer.


What are the best fake plants?

1. Artificial Aloe

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera

Artificial Aloe can be a decoration either indoors or outdoors. These plants are available in various sizes, of a small one to large. The artificial aloe plant is a welcome sign for any home. The size of aloe vera can be 12.5 x 5 x 5 inches, which is reasonably small. However, the advantage is that it can stand alone in the corner of a smaller room or apartment.

2. Succulents

Artificial Succulents
Artificial Succulents

You can place Succulents indoors or in the bathroom. Suitable for placing in ceramic pots or containers to give a beautiful impression. An arrangement of Succulents measures 7 inches tall. It is just the right scale for a coffee table centerpiece or an accent on a console table.

3. Artificial Pothos


Artificial Pothos are artificial plants that look real, beautiful, and perfect if you place them in the house, especially the room’s corners. This plant can also be placed as a table decoration to give the room a fresh feel with its green leaves.

There are many more artificial plants and flowers that you can know about. You can also easily search and buy them online at Flower Advisor if you live in Singapore. Flower Advisor is an e-commerce that provides various types of real flowers and artificial flowers that can be used as collections or gifts for your closest relatives.

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