Baby breath
Baby breath

Gypsophila, also known as “Baby’s breath” is part of the Caryophyllaceae family of flowering plants. Native to almost every continent of the world, this unique plant is famous in the flowering industry and has been highly used for decorations by people. Some of its species are used to create medicine and food. This beautiful plant has about 150 species spread across the world. Its flowers not only level up your bouquet by their beauty but can also be used to fight cancer cells and break them down. These little white flowers are beautiful and enough to woo anyone with their structure and scent. Gypsophila requires 6-7 hours of sleep everyday and does really well under it. To prosper and grow abundantly this plant does not depend on too much water, even if you water it a little it will grow abundantly. It is advised not to water Gypsophila too much and only a little amount of watering is suggested.

All plants are delicate and require care from their human, it is incumbent upon you to care for your plant and provide them the right care. This decorative flower plant is grown mostly for decoration purposes and has a big role in wedding decorations.


What does baby’s breath symbolize?

This gorgeous looking flower is a treat for the eyes and pleases one’s soul through its charm and elegance. Like every other flower this plant also has meaning behind its beauty and symbolizes great emotions. Baby’s breath symbolizes love and innocence. It exudes pureness and divinity. This gorgeous looking flower is used for decoration at weddings and it is also given to new mothers as this flower symbolizes pureness. The symbolism of plants not only makes them more special but also gives meaning to them. Gypsophila is a unique plant and its symbolism makes it even more unique and special. 

#Fun fact :- Baby’s breath has also been used to make soap and shampoo. 


Is Baby’s Breath Easy to grow?

Baby’s breath requires sunlight to grow and bloom. When it comes to water it only requires a little amount of it. This unique plant is very easy to grow and even more easy to look after. They bloom very quickly and are planted by many plant enthusiasts because of this reason. Baby breath is low maintenance and adds charm to your garden or lawn. This plant starts blooming shortly after growing up and blooms for about 4 to 6 weeks straight. Gypsophila bear beautiful white and pink flowers which captivates everyone around and its flowers are highly used for making bouquets. Not only bouquets, the flowers of this plant are also put in flower vase at homes.


Is Baby’s Breath expensive?

Like other plants, baby’s breath is not expensive and can be bought on low prices anywhere. This easy to grow plant is also easy to find in the markets and online. Many beginners choose to plant Gypsophila as they are easy to grow and easy to care for. Their long blooming duration is also one of the key reasons why they are bought so much by plant enthusiasts. 


What is baby’s breath used for?

This unique plant has many uses and has proven to be useful from time to time. Few of its species are grown to be used for making medicine and food. It is primarily used in decorations for weddings and baby showers. It is highly used in the cut flower industry. Some of its species are also edible and used in making ice cream and cheese. Apart from edible items, baby’s breath is also used to make hair accessories. 


How are baby breath flowers used for gifting?

If you want to declare your true love for someone or want to exude your admiration for someone, there’s no better way to do that than giving a beautiful flower bouquet to them. Baby Breath flowers are beautiful and unique, giving them to someone shows your affection towards them in the most amazing way. Baby’s Breaths are not expensive and come at a pretty affordable price. The little white and pink flowers can help you win anyone’s heart and make them feel special and loved. If you want to win someone over by giving them the flowers and don’t have any idea where to get them, then FlowerAdvisor is the right spot for you to find the perfect Gypsophila flower bouquet. We have made a list of Baby’s breath bouquets available at the website for your needs. 

1. Pure Baby’s breath delight

Show your sincere love for her with this extravagant bouquet of 99 stalks white roses with baby’s breath. This bouquet is not only special but also unique enough to make anyone feel great and happy.

2. Pure vanilla Gypsophila

12 White Roses and Pink Baby Breath Flowers Hand-bouquet. Not only for anyone you want to express your love to, you can give this to anyone close to your heart. Flowers have the power of making anybody feel special and have the potential of diverting their minds from negativity and steer it into a positive and calm state of mind.

3. Baby’s breath rainbow

Colourful baby’s breath arrangement consisted of pink, blue, yellow and orange color. This colourful bouquet of Baby’s breath flowers is enough to fill your life with colours and light it up a bit. Give this colourful flower to someone you love to fill their life with amazing colours of happiness.

4. Gypsophila adoration

Rainbow Baby Breath & 6 White Roses Hand Bouquet. Symbols of everlasting innocence and peace mixed up together. There can be no better way to exude your care for someone than giving this bouquet.

5. Baby’s breath with unicorn bouquet

Rainbow Baby with Unicorn Blooms Bouquet, enough to steal their heart. This cute looking bouquet is filled with colourful baby’s breath flowers and unicorns. 

All the above mentioned bouquets can be found on FlowerAdvisor’s website only. Have a look at them along with the picture and find more amazing bouquets like these and pick the one you like. We have the best options available for you to give to your loved ones and make their day amazing with your love and our assistance. Send love right to their doorstep in a cute and lovely manner to steal their heart away. 


What color is baby’s breath?

Baby breath
Baby breath

While baby’s breath flowers are mostly white, there are a few species which are light yellow and in some cases pink too. Some florists also spray them with colours to make them more appealing and delightful to the eyes. One can find a countless number of different coloured baby’s breath flowers in the market. 


Can you grow a baby’s breath indoors?

A big NO! 

You should not grow them indoors as the plant requires at least 6-7 hours of sunlight and planting it indoors will strip the plant off the right to constant sunlight during the day. In our opinion, you should not plant your Gypsophila inside your house. Balconies and roofs might work as they have sunlight during the day. 

#Fun fact :-  The word “Gypsophila” comes from the words “Gypsos” and “Philos”, which means “Gypsum” and “Loving” in greek.


Things to take care of when looking after Gypsophila

A plant requires care from its caretaker to grow abundantly. As said above, all plants are delicate and with great care, they give back a lot to you and your garden. Same is the case with Gypsophila, although they don’t require as much care as others but give back a lot by blooming for long times and giving your garden an airy look. There are a few things though which one should not overlook while taking care of Gypsophila. We have made a list of things you should not overlook when growing a Gypsophila or Baby’s breath plant in your garden.

1. Sunlight


Baby’s breath requires 6-7 hours of sunlight in a day and grows abundantly when it receives an adequate amount of it. This plant grows quickly under sunlight and blooms for about 6-7 weeks without inconsistency. So keep your plant in a place where there is an adequate amount of sunlight for it to grow abundantly.

2. Water

Watering can
Watering can

One of the key things to look closely at is how much you water your Gypsophila plant. Baby’s breath does not require a lot of water and you should never leave it soil muddy or water it to an extent which makes the soil muddy. Always keep it a little dry and water it a little bit every 2-3 days. 

3. Protection from insects

Although it is hardly reported that Baby’s breath experience insects and moulds, it is good to work with precaution rather than leaving your plant vulnerable to insects. Keep it away from other plants as the plant needs space to stay away from insects or mould which can spread. 

#Fun fact :- Although this plant is cultivated mostly for decorations and medicine, in some regions, some species of Baby’s breath are also cultivated to make invasive weed. 


How long does Baby’s breath flowers last? 

The flowers of Gypsophila bloom for a month when intact and connected to the plant, but that’s not the case when they have been cut. The cut flowers of Baby’s breath last for about 14 days, which is an impressive number when it comes to durability. Not many flowers last that long after being cut.


Does Baby’s breath help fight cancer? 

Baby breath
Baby breath

This widely used decorative plant is also known for its possible anti-cancer fighting properties. The flowers of baby’s breath plant have a chemical inside of them called ” Saponins” which breaks down cancer cells. There are a few research which shows that this plant can be very effective against cancer. Although the chemical inside of its flowers has cancer fighting ability, it is reported that few people might have witnessed allergic reactions upon touching the chemical, so always wear gloves while handling Saponins.


Is Baby’s breath poisonous? 

This unique plant with beautiful flowers which can easily mesmerize anyone, has one big flaw. Despite having been used to create medicines and food, some species of Gypsophila are known to be slightly poisonous. You should keep your children and pets away from them because if ingested it may cause problems. Though it’s not surprising as many plants are known to be slightly poisonous, even the ones you never thought could be.


How to get rid of rashes caused by Baby’s breath? 

Though getting rashes from this plant is rare and does not occur commonly, people with sensitive skin may experience such problems when coming in contact with Gypsophila or the chemical its flower has. The allergic reaction caused by it is not serious and leaves after a short time, but in case someone experiences something serious, getting in touch with your doctor is highly advised.


What makes Gypsophila different and more unique than other plants? 

Baby breath
Baby breath

From its unique portmanteau name retrieved from greek words to it being a potential cancer fighting agent, Gypsophila is indeed unique in its own way and has many attributes which one may not find in other plants. Its usefulness when it comes to decorations at weddings, parties and functions to being ingested as a source of food in some regions, this plant has it all. While some of its species are toxic and can’t be ingested, some species have edible roots which are used to make herbal medicine. This plant has its own qualities and demerits and the beauty of its flowers speaks for itself as well. When given sunlight this plant grows fast and starts blooming quickly. The blooming duration also makes this plant more special as it blooms for more than 6 weeks, depending upon the conditions of the plant and the amount of sunlight it receives.