Baby's Breath Flower Bouquet
Baby’s Breath Flower Bouquet


When people mention Gypsophilia, the first thing that comes to mind is the baby’s breath flower. Gypsophilia paniculata, also known as baby’s breath, is originally from Eastern Europe. There are about 150 species of Gypsophila that can be found from Central and Eastern Europe to Asia. However, the most famous species of the Gypsophila type is the baby’s breath.

You must be familiar with these little flowers that are often found in a bouquet for you who frequently received or sent flowers. They have small and delicate white petals. A baby’s breath is commonly used as a filler for flower bouquets with a simple, soft, and graceful look. Besides being used as a filler to flower bouquets, baby breath is also used as wedding decorations. The presence of baby breath flowers at the wedding gives the impression of the purity of the bride and groom’s love.

Baby breath flowers are believed to symbolize purity, sincerity, and happiness. That is why many florists combine baby breath with roses to represent true love. Not only that, the impression of grace and elegance is also presented on the bouquet with baby breath flowers in the bouquets. These flowers bloom from early summer to early fall in most areas and are best planted in groups. They are the right choice because it will not take a long time for baby breath to bloom. It takes around 8 to 12 weeks for a baby breath seed to grow.

Growing baby breath is not difficult. If you already have baby breath seed, you can store them in wet media like wet cotton and protect them from direct sunlight for about 6 to 8 weeks, and when they sprout, they can be transferred outside in soil. With baby breath flowers growing in your garden, they will make it more beautiful by decorating it. Here is some information you should know about the baby’s breath flower (Gypsophilia).

How to Make Baby’s Breath Hair Pins?

The beauty of baby breath flowers is hard to resist. There are many ways to appreciate the flowers; one of them is to make them into hairpins and put baby’s breath in your hair for everyone to see. Baby’s breath hairpins are suitable to wear to an outdoor dinner, and it would be perfect to put into your hair for a summer festival or a picnic date at the park. Either way, baby’s breath hairpins are the perfect accessories for spring or summer.

To make a baby’s breath, hairpins are very easy; the materials you will need are a sprig of baby breath flower, bobby pins, scissors, and glue.

  1.   First, you need to cut a small piece of baby’s breath from the stalk. Do not forget to pay attention to the bobby pin’s size because you do not want to spoil the flower if it are not sticking to the bobby pin.
  2.   Apply the glue along the stem of the flower.
  3.   Attach the baby’s breath against the non-wavy side of the bobby pin.
  4.   Wait for 1 minute for the glue to dry.
  5.   That’s it! Your baby’s breath hairpin is ready to use!

The baby’s breath flower will wither in the next few days, but the dried baby’s breath is still beautiful to use as hair accessories.

How to Make Bridal Hair Flower Clips & Combs? 

When you cannot decide what to put in your hair for wedding accessories, you can take it upon yourself to make baby breath hair accessories! After your hair is styled into a bun or bride, you can place baby’s breath flower clips or combs into the updo for the natural touch. Your accessory will be no exception and memorable because you make them for your special day—natural and rustic wedding inspiration for your wedding desires.

The materials you need to make bridal flower clips or combs are not different than making the hairpins. You need a wire comb, scissor, florist wire, florist tape, and baby’s breath flowers; you can add baby breath artificial flower to make the clips and combs look fuller. The number of baby’s breath flowers can be adjusted according to the size of the wire comb.

Here is a step by step guide to making baby breath hair accessory:

  1.   Use the scissor to cut the stem of the flowers and tie the flower head to the wire. Fold the wire and wrap around the stem to secure it.
  2.   Wrap a florist tape around the stem and wire to make it look neat and clean.
  3.   Repeat to all of the baby’s breath flowers you have.
  4.   Attach all the flowers and wrapping them with wire around the steams. Trim the stems to create a clean finish.
  5.   Finally, attach the flowers to the comb by looping it through the teeth several times.
Baby's Breath in a Vase
Baby’s Breath in a Vase


How Long Does Real Baby’s Breath Last?

Baby’s breath flower will last around 5 to 14 days if cared for properly. You need to remove the wire from the flowers; you can also shake it to detangle the stem from each other. You are keeping the stems hydrated by put the flowers into a vase with water. You need to cut off the end of the stem to keep away the bacteria and rinse them in running water.

To keep the flowers fresh, mix the water in the vase with flower food. It is important to clean the vase and change the water every day to prevent the flowers from rotting. You also need to re-cut the end of the stem daily to avoid the stem from drinking up the water. If you want to have them longer, pick baby’s breath flowers which have not to bloom yet. Make sure the stems are green, and the flowers are half-open bloom.

When the baby’s breath wither, it will turn brown and have broken flowers, but do not just throw it away, you can dry them and put them into a vase. It will be a brand new flower and lasting longer without you to care for them properly.


How Much Is A Stem Of Baby’s Breath?

Baby’s breath flowers can be used in many kinds of flower arrangements, flower bouquets, flower crowns, or even wedding decorations. When the stems of baby’s breath flowers bunched together, they will go for arrangements. A single bunch of this flower contains about 5 to 13 stems to make a full bouquet of baby’s breath flower. But, when bundled together, the cost of the baby’s breath flower is not counted by the stem but by the weight.

Baby’s breath is a budget-friendly flower; it will be perfect for wedding decorations or flowers bouquets. How much is needed for stems depends on the decorations? If you want to put the baby’s breath flower in a mason jar, you will need around 3 or 4 stems per mason jar. And if you need baby’s breath as the filler of the bouquet, you only need 2 to 12 stems depending on the smell’s size. The thing you need to remember is that one stem of the baby’s breath will make several pieces of flowers when they cut, so count carefully how much of a stem you need from the baby’s breath flower.

Baby's Breath Wedding Bouquet
Baby’s Breath Wedding Bouquet


What Does Baby’s Breath Symbolize?

Baby’s breath popularity has skyrocketed because they are commonly used for weddings bouquet and decorations, making people symbolize them as the icon of long-lasting love. The tiny delicate white flowers represent eternal love and the purity of the couple’s emotions during the wedding. This symbolization is not limited only to lovers but also to family and friends.

Besides being a symbol of marriage, baby breath is also traditionally given to mothers by putting one or two stems in the bouquet as the filler. It symbolizes completion, like the baby’s breath in the bouquet. And the flowers are symbolizing sincerity if you give them to your friends as a form of gratitude for their sincerity of love. Moreover, for the birth of the baby, the flowers symbolize freedom and innocence from the world. Unlike the white baby’s breath flower, the pink baby’s breath flower is usually given when a baby girl is born to symbolize admiration, while the yellow baby’s breath symbolizes joy, like the bright color of the sun.

Baby's Breath
Baby’s Breath


Do Baby’s Breath Flowers Smell Bad?

With a simple look and tiny petals, a baby’s breath tends to smell bad. It depends on how sensitive your nose is. Some people like the scent, but some said it smells like spit, and that is why its name is baby’s breath. It is a personal matter because most of the flowers, some people like the roses’ smell, some do not. You need to smell many baby’s breath flowers to know whether it smells terrible or not, not just a stem of the flower. And make sure you smell the flowers before you put them into a bouquet.

If you insist on choosing the baby’s breath bouquet, there are some ways to cover the smell. First, you can spray essential oil to the flowers, pick your favorite scents, or you can pick flower scents like citrus and lavender. Second, you can mix your bouquet with other sweet scents flowers that you love. Therefore, the scents of the baby’s breath will be covered and not bother you or people anymore.

What Flower Goes Well With Baby Breath?

Roses, carnation, lisianthus, alstroemeria, and baby’s breath are the most common flowers that go well for weddings. These five flowers are very easy to use as flower arrangements because they always almost fit together in any wedding theme. You can mix these flowers together for a more romantic and traditional arrangement.

Or if you want to make a minimalist and straightforward bouquet but still want baby’s breath as the main flower,  you can try solidago, waxflower, caspia, statice, or hypericum berries. They have varieties of colors that can go well with a baby’s breath.

Dried baby’s breath goes well with dry leaves such as Asparagus, Cottinus, and Lunaria. These preserved and dried flowers make attractive centerpieces due to their muted colors. One of the reasons why dried flowers and leaves are so popular is because they will not die. So you can save your bouquet with simple care, and your bouquet will last a long time.

One thing for sure is, do not ever force to put baby’s breath in your every floral arrangement. You should consider the occasion because some people still see a baby’s breath as a cheap flower, so even when you mix them with fancy flowers, it will do more harm than good. Your beautiful bouquet that should be perfect may look like you just picked them up randomly.

Baby's Breath Flower
Baby’s Breath Flower

What Color Is Baby’s Breath?

Generally, the natural baby’s breath flowers have three colors: white, soft pink, and yellow. The three of them still have captivating beauty. Nowadays, a baby’s breath comes from a wide array of colors because they have been dye.  The baby’s breath’s most popular color is the white one because they are easy to dye. Many florists add a touch of color for the baby’s breath by spraying them with natural dye. Now, the baby’s breath has blue, red, orange, even purple colors. And this variety of colors from baby’s breath has been popular as rainbow baby breath.

You can easily color your baby’s breath at home in your favorite colors. Use natural food coloring and mix it with water. Take a brach of baby’s breath and dip it to the color. Tap on the flower to not have any excess water, and dry your baby’s breath in a dry area. With this variety of colors, your baby’s breath flower bouquets have more meaning and symbolism.

The small flower, baby’s breath, does look simple, with its flower only layered with one or two petals, but when arranged into a bouquet, it will be beautiful and charming. Apart from being arranged into a complete flower bouquet, the baby’s breath is also combined with other flower arrangements such as roses, lilies, daisies, chrysanthemums, and so on. There are almost no flower shops that do not sell the baby’s breath because baby breath flowers are always hunted and needed, for fillers or bouquets.