Bloom box
Bloom box


What is a Boxed Flower Arrangement? 

A boxed flower arrangement is a bunch of flowers designed and displayed aesthetically in Boxes or Baskets. A flower bouquet is different from a box of flowers as the latter has a floral foam at the base for holding water for the flowers. This firm floral foam let s a floral designer to arrange flowers and design an arrangement accordingly. Fresh flowers are stuck in the wet foam, allowing them to take water from it and remain fresh for days.

Boxed flowers are ideal for gifting patients or people who won’t have time to take much care of the flowers. They do not require a vase or other container to store them.  A boxed flower arrangement needs no rearrangements to be made. These boxed flowers look wonderful as centerpieces. The flowers in a boxed arrangement remain fresh and bright easily for 2-3 days as the flowers soak water from the floral foam at the base.

A little extra care for these beautiful arrangements can make a huge difference and help them remain fresher for a longer period. Most flower arrangements stay fresh for 5-7 days, depending on the type of flowers used and their care.

A hard box is a type of box that is usually used for packaging gifts or flowers that are the most durable and not easily damaged. In general, hard boxes are made of very thick cardboard, but hard boxes are now made with various more luxurious paper types over time.

Hard boxes have reliable quality than other containers because they can be used repeatedly and are not easily damaged and stored for a long time. The rigid box’s thick texture and not easy to dent make this one container converted into a container for gift boxes, jewelry boxes, flower boxes, hampers boxes, apparel boxes, and even cake boxes.

1. Classic Ribbon Bloom Box



This is first and foremost. Rose a charming bloom box are very common, much sought after, and in great demand. Apart from its beauty, bloom box roses have become very popular because it is also because of the implied meaning in it. Each type of rose generally has a different meaning, and the number of stalks arranged in a bloom box. This is why many people are interested in using roses as a gift flower box for special people.

The classic ribbon blooming box has always been known and is associated with love and beauty, romance, and friendship. Roses have a sweet aroma and different meanings in each type or color, such as red roses symbolizing passion, love, desire, respect, pink roses symbolizing admiration, elegance, beauty, white roses symbolizing youth, purity, yellow roses symbolizing friendship & happiness.

2. Door Bloom Box


Door Bloom Box
Door Bloom Box


Bloom box Doors are the second most popular flowers box to make for your loved ones. This type of box is indeed very elegant. The flower symbolizes elegance in an alluring aroma. Various types of blooming box for special purposes such as funerals, congratulations, romantic gifts, etc. Like other flowers box, it also has different meanings in each type and color, near elegance, beauty, sympathy, congratulations, prosperity and confidence, and emotion of purity.

3. Classic Magnets Bloom Box



Classic Magnets Bloom box
Classic Magnets Bloom box


This classic magnet blooming box is used as a charming bloom box and for wedding decorations, table flowers, gift baskets for newborns, and so on. Apart from having beautiful shapes and colors, gerbera is also available in many color choices that have different meanings from one another. The classic magnet bloom box is the ideal flower to show friendship and love; it is also a perfect gift for business associates or family.

4. Slide Bloom Box



Slide Bloom Box
Slide Bloom Box


Slide flowers box is always the choice because of their beauty of color. Do not be surprised if the flower with slide bloom box is always associated with long-term love, like a mother’s love for her child. Therefore, this bloom box is still a favorite choice for children to give to their parents, such as a gift on Mother’s Day. Many colors are commonly used as a blooming box to celebrate big days and symbolize pure love and good wishes.

5. Two Part Bloom box



Two Part Bloom box
Two Part Bloom box


This exotic two-part flower box represents pure elegance, strength, and beauty. This is related to wealth, beauty, and also power. Various choices of types and colors of charming bloom boxes make people more flexible in choosing and adjusting to their needs.

 6. Cylinders Bloom box

Cylinders Bloom box
Cylinders Bloom box


Cylinders Bloom boxes are also a very popular type to be used as a charming boom box. This bloom box is so strong that it can last up to the years; of course, this only happens if you know how to care for it. Because of its beauty and people’s high interest in cylinder bloom boxes, many people cultivate all the flowers.

7. Woody Bloom Box



Woody Bloom Box
Woody Bloom Box


The beautiful woody bloom box reflects admiration and joy. The flower in it is used as a symbol of a sense of admiration for someone. This woody bloom box is also suitable as a gift to friends or parents.

8. Basket Bloom Box



Basket Bloom Box
Basket Bloom Box


Basket Bloom Box stands for hope, joy, and optimism. The color that can express feelings. This basket bloom box with flower arrangement is suitable for celebrating something like the birth of a child or a new job.

9. Rectangle Bloom Box

Rectangle Bloom Box
Rectangle Bloom Box


Rectangle bloom box is widely liked because of its attractive shape and color. Do not be surprised if this charming bloom box is also one type of very popular, including a blooming box. You can mix the flowers in several color choices such as white, yellow, purple, pink, and light blue to make a charming rectangle boom box.

How to make your bloom box?

Materials needed:

A pretty box of your choice

Oasis Flower Foam

Lining the container of your choice so your box doesn’t get wet


  • Use a round box and placed a glass bowl inside of it.
  • Cut the floral foam to fit inside and wet it with water. You may need to add more water because the foam will soak it up.
  • Start poking in your filler flower if using several different types of flowers, cut the blooms off into smaller pieces then around the edges, and cover up the edge of the box/bowl.
  • Poked in one full flower to cover up the center, could use whatever flowers you would like to cover the center.
  • Just keep adding until a majority of the green is hidden.
  • Next, start adding other flowers until you are satisfied with the overall look.
  • Arrange and take a picture because you are all done!

Generally, flower arrangements have a greenery base, but most of the bloom boxes do not have greenery.

Choosing flowers of similar hues makes for a nice statement – or you could always choose your statement flower in a bold complementary color.


How do you take care of boxed flowers?

  • To keep your flower bloom box looking fresh for a longer period, keep your flowers in a cool, dry, out of direct sunlight and heat.
  • Keep the flowers fresh by adding small amounts of water in between the arrangement to keep them hydrated. This will keep the flowers fresh for 2-3 days.
  • After removing flowers from the boxed arrangement, fill a clean deep vase with water and add good quality flower food from your florist. Get rid of the leaves below the waterline, re-cut the stems of the flowers by removing a few inches with a sharp knife or scissors. Place the flowers in the vase solution you’ve prepared.


Do you water flowers in a box?

Water for them should be allowed to stand for at least an hour for the chlorine to evaporate from the tap.

Usually, flowers do not need abundant watering since you risk “pour flowers” and spoil the box itself – it is cardboard. If you poured a lot of liquid, in no case should you drain the water that the floral oasis has not absorbed! It is advisable to water only when the oasis is completely dry; as a rule, this happens four days after receiving the flowers in the box.


Watering flowers on the sponge (floristic oasis)

The main rule – the sponge (floristic oasis) should always remain wet. You can check it by touch by slightly pressing through with your fingers. Caring for a bouquet will remind you of watering indoor plants.

Mentally divide the box into three equal parts, determine two central points, and safely pour in water, but not more than 70 ml in total, and only when the sponge is dry.

Attention! Never spray the flowers in a box with a spray.


What flowers do florists use in a bloom box?


1. Roses


The first favorite flower is roses; yes, this one flower is already familiar to our ears. Over time, the rose in its beauty has been a source of joy in expressing the heart’s innermost contents. Not only as an expression of love, but this flower can also be given as an apology.


2. Tulips


It is not surprising that nowadays, Tulip is a favorite choice that is also widely used as a wedding flower bouquet because it is so popular.

Tulips have a pretty shape with a soft, sweet side. According to Old Farmer’s Almanac and The Flower Expert, people who love tulips are confident thinkers.


3. White Lily Flower


Lily is one type of flower that is very beautiful. Not infrequently, white lilies are used as flowers that are made as wedding decorations.

Not only is the name cute, but lily also has an alluring and sweet appearance, right? Besides, the lily is a fragrant flower. In Chinese culture, the white lily flower symbolizes purity, virtue, and sincerity.


4. Sunflower


The last flower is the sunflower; as the name implies, this sunflower likes to follow the sun’s direction from east to west. However, when there are many flower seeds, these flowers cannot follow the sun’s direction anymore and always face east. The meaning of sunflowers sulks for happiness and joy; it’s perfect if you give this flower to your girlfriend or friend.


Bloom box for home use

What will you need?

  • A steady carton or wooden box. It can be an old gift box of any shape (round, square, heart-shaped, you name it). Florist foam or, if not at hand more eco-friendly accessories like a used shower sea sponge, pebbles, sand, gravel, marbles, seashells. Waterproof paper, cellophane, aluminum foil, or a plastic trash bag can also be used. Knife for cutting the floral foam into the shape of your box. 
  • Garden sheer for cutting the stronger stems of your foliage and flowers or scissors.
  • A container filled with water. 
  • And of course flowers and foliage.

Step by step directions 

Before you start, display all your materials on the table to have it handy while you are working.

Take the lid of your box and press it on top of the floral foam so you carve the shape of the foam. With this, you approximately outline the area that needs to be cut to fit in your box.

Take your floral foam and cut to size to fit whatever box you have so it fits inside.

 Submerge the floral foam in water, let it soak for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, please take out the foam and let it drain the excess water.

Wrap the soaked and drained floral foam with the cellophane or the waterproof paper and put it inside the box. The cellophane is aimed to protect the gift box from flowers and water.

Then start your flower arrangement! Take your foliage and flowers and cut their stems into an angle to the size you want to make sure they’re not too tall or too short so they fit beautifully in the box. Let your creativity go wild! This is the best part!


Other useful tips

You can use any foliage you find in your garden or the nearest park.

In terms of flowers, any spring branches in bloom will do as well as tulips, carnations, roses, ranunculus or potted flowers which you can find at your grocery store once you go and do your bigger shopping.

Cut your flower stem tips diagonally and place them in a container of fresh water to hydrate for 2-3 hours before crafting your floral box.

Floral foam can be delicate, so cut the stems at a bit of an angle so that they pierce the foam easily and neatly. 

While placing the flowers in the foam, make sure to grab them by the stem to prevent bruising the petals.

If you cannot get hold of the floral foam, take a bowl, vase, jar, or a Tupperware to fit in your gift box. Fill it with pebbles, seashells, or sand (whatever you find at home) and pour water on them. Start your arrangement by inserting the foliage the flowers in the pebbles, sand, or seashells.


Bloom Box or Hand Bouquet?

Bloom box purple
Bloom box purple


The most beautiful moments with your partner by enjoying time together are unforgettable moments, starting with inviting a romantic dinner at a suitable restaurant, shopping together, traveling out of town, visiting coveted places, and many other romantic things. Everything that is done together needs to be done to strengthen the relationship between the two partners.

A sweet and romantic memory can be made from small things, for example, can give a beautiful bouquet. All women who like to participate are given by the people he cares about. The right woman and the atmosphere needs to be prepared so that this flower arrangement means more. Your partner can feel the romantic feel that is always looking forward to.

Types of gift bouquets suitable for couples and nowadays lots of love are bloom boxes/flower boxes and hand bouquets. These two types of beautiful bouquets are always the right gift for the woman you love because they have a unique flower arrangement shape and make the atmosphere more romantic together.

However, these gift boxes and hand bouquets have their floral design values ​​and characteristics, where you can decide which surprise gift is right for your partner’s gift. It would be better if you know the comparison of these two beautiful sets so that the choice is right.


Flower arrangements in the form of bloom boxes are certainly different; they are quite large and have a shape that is quite difficult to carry, while hand bouquets, as the name suggests, are hand-held, are more compact and easy to carry.

Giving gifts to your partner directly and at the right moment, with a gift in the form of a hand flower, will be the best choice. They are quite trimmed, and often, these bouquets are easier to hide and make a wonderful surprise gift for couples. To complement your hand bouquet gifts, you can add other items such as gift bouquets or rings to propose to your idol.

Meanwhile, many bloom boxes are given to those of you who have long-distance partners. Because the flower arrangement is in a special flower box. Bloom Box is perfect for being a surprise and mystery gift for your partner. You can send this flower box to your partner’s address and complete it with a letter. 


In terms of aesthetics

These two forms of flower arrangements have different meanings in terms of aesthetics. At first glance, Bloom Box is softer because it means “hidden taste” compared to Hand Bouquet. Bloom box has hidden words.

Another case with Hand Bouquet. Visually, the hand bouquet shows determination and an immediate feeling. Therefore, the flower bouquet must be brought and given immediately as a surprise that fits your partner. Hand Bouquet represents a strong determination towards your partner.


The moment must be created so that a romantic atmosphere can occur and is appropriate for giving partners gifts. If you plan to give a romantic feel with dinner or a moment together when in a garden, or other romantic places, giving a flower gift in the form of a bloom box is the right choice. Shades of night lights give this flower arrangement a nice lighting effect. The night’s nuance makes a bloom box mean more, and adding a small letter in it will enhance the night’s atmosphere. 

A hand flower bouquet is no less important in enjoying time with your partner. This prize can be given by inviting your partner to places such as tourist destinations, lakes, beaches, and others. It can be given in the afternoon when the sun is slightly setting.