Eustoma, “twin” roses, are also known as lisianthus. Eustoma flowers come from South America. This flower-like sunshine but can only thrive in cool air areas. So, this flower is the easiest to find in highland areas. Eustoma flower arrangement is widely used for hotels, restaurants, and wedding decorations. Or it can be placed at home just to beautify the room.

Eustoma Flowers
Eustoma Flowers

How to Plant Eustoma Seeds?

If you are a beginner, we recommend you do not grow from seed. Eustoma flowers are known for being tricky to grow. They require some maintenance, and the initial germination time, from seed to bloom, can be slow. As long as 15-20 months. We suggest you buy plants with buds or flowers.

The seeds should be sown in early spring. It begins with selecting seeds, and the soil should be rich in organic matter such as manure, compost, or leaf mold. Seeds should be planted in a moist mixture of moss and peat, sprinkle them on the surface and lightly press it (do not cover the ground). They are too small, so they can quickly fly apart, you should be careful. Sow the seeds on the soil surface at a distance of 15-30 cm, cover a container with foil or glass, leave a chink for air circulation, and arrange additional lighting with fluorescent lamps for 10-12 hours a day.

Instead of watering, spray seeds from time to time, but it is unlikely that you will have to do this for the first two months as the evaporated moisture will be enough. If all conditions are fulfilled, the seedlings should appear no later than in two weeks, and at once, you should remove the cover and periodically spray seedlings with a fungicide solution.

How Do You Care for A Eustoma Plant?

The growth of Eustoma needs fresh air and bright diffused light. Lisianthus is a heat-loving plant. They do not do well in damp climates with limited sun. Keep lisianthus plants moist but never soggy. You only have to water a bit once a day. Overwatering encourages the development of fungal diseases. Give nutrient streams to produce well-branched plants with abundant blossoms.

Eustoma Plant
Eustoma Plant


Is Eustoma An Outdoor Plant?

Eustoma can usually be grown annually in the garden. They are required to be grown in areas that have hot summers. They do best in the early spring months before it gets hot. Nowadays, many people grow Eustoma flowers not only in the open field but also in a pot. Usually, this flower is placed near the window where the flower gets enough light.

Different Types of Eustoma

Different types of eustoma have their meaning and we need to understand before we give it to someone. Of course, you don’t want the other person to get the wrong message from you. So, this is the hidden meaning behind every type of eustoma based on its colour :

Types of Eustoma
Types of EustomaPurple



Eustoma symbolizes royalty, nobility, and beauty. These flowers are ideal for ceremonies and special occasions like weddings. Color purple adds to this simple flower’s elegance and beauty, making it the perfect wedding decoration.


Yellow Eustoma are symbols of joy and happiness. They can be used on almost any occasion and are perfect eye-catching decorations for your home. The color yellow, in general, demands our attention, but it also wakes up positive emotions in every person.


White Eustoma are perfect gifts for friends, but they also symbolize spirituality, innocence, and purity. This beautiful flower can also be an ideal wedding decoration and even a lovely addition to your wedding bouquet.


Pink Eustoma flowers are symbols of love and romance and are a perfect gift for your partner. Don’t restrict yourself to only your partner, because these flowers can be gifted to your friends as well.


Orange petals symbolize friendship, but also joy, happiness, and positive energy. You can place a gorgeous bouquet of Eustoma flowers in your home to invite some positive vibes.


Green Eustomas symbolize money and wealth, and they are great gifts for almost anyone. You can even place a bouquet of green Eustomas into your home to open up doors to wealth and prosperity.

How Long Do Lisianthus Plants Last?

How long a plant can last depends on how you care for it. If you don’t provide enough nutrients and sunlight or leave water on the soil, it will affect growth and determine the plant’s life span. Meanwhile, this lisianthus needs more attention. Waiting for eustoma seeds to germinate takes 10-14 days, and usually, Eustoma flowers bloom for 180-200 days in the garden. When in a pot, the eustoma flower will last about two to three weeks.

Are Lisianthus Annuals or Perennials?

Indeed, there is a lot of confusing information about this topic. Some people say lisianthus is annual, but others say it is perennial. Don’t be confused about that; I will let you know! Lisianthus as an annual or a perennial is depending on where the plant is grown. In the southern part of its native range, it is perennial. They are grown in areas that have hot summers. A perennial Eustoma is usually grown as an annual in the garden.

Is Lisianthus a Rose?

Lisianthus is not a rose. The shape of the flowers is similar to roses. Not surprisingly, many people think that Lisianthus or Eustoma is a type of rose. The flowers come in various colors, including a blue color not found in the rose species. Not only the shape, roses, and lisianthus have the same meaning also, that is about true love.

As we know, red roses have the meaning of feeling love. The red rose is one of the universal symbols that symbolizes true love. In general, lisianthus shows a display of two people for a lifelong bond. Besides, it signifies eternal love and devotion. It’s no wonder many people often use eustoma bouquet at their wedding.

Can Lisianthus be Grown in Pots?

Eustoma flowers are commonly found in highland areas. However, eustoma can be used as a potted plant to decorate the room. Each eustoma flower stalk, once cut, can last a maximum of three weeks, so there’s no need to bother changing flowers. Just provide a moist planting medium with good drainage. Place the eustoma in the east or south area that is rich in sunlight. At home, Eustoma blooms best in a cool ventilated room.


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