Get Well Soon Hamper
Get Well Soon Hamper


Get well soon hamper will make a thoughtful gift when you are visiting someone in the hospital. No matter who the patient is, it will be perfect to brighten up their day by giving a little present.

They may only stay for a few days in the hospital, but this experience will never be fun. In fact, going through a medical challenge is often demanding, draining, and painful. Thus, your visit should make the patient feel more alive during this difficult time.

While visiting a friend or someone special in the hospital seems to be enough, you may like to help them more by providing something useful. You can refer to the following information for some ideas to follow.

What Do You Include in a Hamper for Someone in the Hospital?

Get Well Soon Hampers
Get Well Soon Hampers


Well, whether buying an over-the-counter or creating one by yourself, a get well soon hamper is indeed perfect to show how you care about the patient. Moreover, what you can include in the hamper is pretty limitless as well.

You can fill the basket with some of the things they like or go for fresh fruits. For another idea, it would be perfect to consider something like herbal teas, water bottles, essential oil, noodles, snacks, and many others.

Depending on the patient’s need, you may consider filling the hamper with vitamin tablets and cough drops. Your get well soon hampers can also be filled with tissues, electrolytes, honey, and even a warm throw pillow.

If the patient may require such a long recovery period, consider adding some entertainment items to the hamper too. For instance, you can add Sudoku books, their favorite literature, and DVDs. There is no doubt that they will appreciate your wishes.

In fact, spending your quality time with them is the most valuable gift. Since staying in the hospital can be so lonely, you can keep them company for a more enjoyable moment. Of course, make sure to visit when the patient can receive visitors.

The Alternatives for a Hamper Gift

Whether a family member has just undergone a minor surgery or a colleague is facing a serious health problem, bringing a get well soon hamper may help them to manage their hard time. Besides, you have other gift options for a hospital visit too.

1. A pair of comfy slippers

Get a pair of slippers to help the patient dealing with the cold hospital floor. If you have time, pick a pair that suits his/her style. Meanwhile, your recipient can bring the pair home too once they are discharged from the hospital.

2. Cozy eye mask

Believe it or not, sleeping in the hospital has never been comfortable for anyone. To help your loved ones survive and get enough sleep during their medical challenge, consider gifting them a comfy eye mask.

3. Coloring Book

Instead of a get well soon hamper, you can also consider presenting the patient with an adult coloring book. It’s no secret that a coloring book has become a popular tool to ease stress. Providing stress-relieving designs, it makes a perfect gift too!

Other than some of the gifts mentioned above, it makes a great idea to gift a set of beauty products as well. This is especially suitable if your loved ones usually enjoy beauty treatment but cannot get one when hospitalized.

The Best Time to Give the Gift

Another alternative for a get well soon hamper is a flower bouquet. Grab a bunch of beautiful lilies to wish your loved one such a fast recovery. Get one that has been placed in a vase, so the flower can be directly displayed in the room.

Aside from floral arrangement, you can consider giving them some pots of succulents as well. This is a unique gift that can be loved by anyone. You can paint or stencil the planters with a message saying ‘get well soon’ or something.

Then, when is the most appropriate time to give the get-well-soon gift? Most importantly, you should give it once they don’t mind seeing anyone. If you cannot give the gift by yourself on time, simply ask their family members for assistance.

In conclusion, giving a hamper or other presents can be a great way to liven up a patient’s day. If your loved ones or friends are hospitalized, just don’t hesitate to get a get well soon hamper that suits their needs or style.