Bougainvillea Flower
Bougainvillea Flower

You are bored and want to adorn your abode, but not in a mundane way. Okay, you have found your destiny, the solution to your curiosity is Bougainvillea. These plants are tough as nails and also embrace their nail-like thorns. These spectacular plants have a variety of hues and they blossom up in the season of new beginnings that is the spring month. If you have made up your mind to grow a bougainvillea then be ready to treat them like a queen as they need a spacious area to grow.

Before growing let’s go through its basic description as it is going to be part of your home.

Bougainvillea belongs to the genus bougainvillea, and it prefers to be in the sun. It is a vine in nature that can grow up to 8 to 20 feet or more than that in height and 10-40 feet in width. It blooms in various colors such as purple, red,  orange, white, pink, and yellow. Its foliage is basically blue and green in color.

The things that make it special are they are low maintenance indoor plants, loved by the birds, and the best option to grow them is in the container.

How to grow bougainvillea?

How to grow bougainvillea
How to Grow Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is an exotic, shrub-like vine that grows for 11 months with spectacularly colored blooms if planted in the right way. To shoot up a bougainvillea, sow it under the full sun, in an acidic and properly drained soil, and in a very hot climate. Keep caring for your bougainvillea plant by watering it thoroughly, properly fertilizing it, pruning it at the end of the season, and coaching it how to climb a nearby trellis and wall. If caring is done right, this plant will return each year with all its heart.

  • Where to pot? It’s up to you where you want it to grow, it can be a pot, or ground too, all the bougainvillea needs is a dry and extremely hot climate. If you want to keep the bougainvillea outside all year, then it’s good to be in the 9 hardiness zone or more than that. If you are in a cooler or wetter zone, you can grow the bougainvillea into a pot and bring it indoors in the winter.

Bougainvillea brings its best when the night temperature does not go down below 60°F (16°C) and in the daytime, the temperature should not exceed 100°F (38°C). It can be put up for sleep in a space with low light or in the basement.

  • Search for a sunny spot: Bougainvillea is a lover of the sun, and it will blossom beautifully in the open climate while facing the due north (in southern hemisphere) and due south (northern hemisphere). Bougainvillea strives for at least 6 hours of full sun to thrive better.
  • Opt for a place with rich, well drained soil: Bougainvillea doesn’t perform well in the soggy soil, so check properly that the soil is draining well or not. You can add some sand, peat moss, perlite, or vermiculite to the soil. You can also prefer planting it on the slope to help drainage. They need rich soil that is moderately acidic in nature with a pH between 5.5 and 6.0. 

You can add some limestone in the soil to elevate the pH or sulphur according to need. If you are planting bougainvillea in a pot, opt for a soil mix with the proper pH level.

  • Plant the bougainvillea: For planting a bougainvillea you need to dig a deep hole as the root of the plant’s ball. You can add a high phosphate fertilizer in the hole to elevate the growth of the root, and assist the flower for appropriate blooming. Move the bougainvillea plant from its pot and tickle the roots, after that damp the root ball into the hole. And then gently pat the soil across the base of the plant.

If you want your bougainvillea to mount the trellis or climb the wall, ensure that the structure is near the plant. As it starts germinating you will need to give proper training on how to climb the structure by enclosing it gently around the base. If you are planting bougainvillea in a container, do not forget to select the one with a proper drainage system, as bougainvillea does not prefer wet feet.

How to care for Bougainvillea?

How to Take Care Bougainvillea
How to Take Care Bougainvillea


  • Water appropriately: Bougainvillea plants lose their immunity if they get all soaked in water. If they get all soggy, they will end up with an abundance of leaf growth with zero blooms. On the flip side, if the soil gets dried out it will cause the plant to get stressed, and you all know in stress nothing could be done properly. Instead find out a medium pathway of watering, water it in an amount so that the soil should be moist, but not in that quantity which can leave the soil waterlogged. It is required to dry out the top 2 to 3 inches that are 5.1 to 7.6 cm of soil dry out before watering. To check it’s dryness you need to stick a finger into the soil up to your knuckle. If you find the soil dry, then it’s time to water.
  • Fertilize regularly: You are advised to feast the plant fertilizer every few months to maintain the blossoming of the plant. Too much fertilizing can cause the plant to grow buoyantly, if you notice that it is growing in a large quantity, cut in the fertilizer. The majority of bougainvillea planters prefer 1:1:1 or 2:1:2 fertilizer for common fertilizing. Organic and slow release fertilizers are the best.  Make sure that you should fertilize the plant once a year, and at the start of the spring, to aid the season’s growth.
  • Shift bougainvillea indoors in winter: Bougainvillea plants are profuse growers and they require good pruning to motivate blooming and maintain a good shape. When the bougainvillea ends up with their blooming of the season, slightly cut back a few inches. It will encourage healthy growth in the spring season. You are advised to wear gloves while pruning the bougainvillea, some people can catch skin irritation or rashes, because of the sap present in the plant 
  • Train the bougainvillea: Bougainvillea plants need a pillar to cover a wall, fence, trellis or any other form of structure and area. If you love to grow the plant in a specific spot, for instance in a vertical manner, then you can hang the rows of wire or rope against the surface that you want them to be covered. Stick the bougainvillea branches behind this guidance support at uniform intervals. Keep a keen eye on the extension and modify it until the plant starts to cover the wall, fence, or the surface you wanted it to.

Different colors of bougainvillea

Different colour bougainvillea
Different Colour Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea offers a range of vibrant blooms and survives in the zone 9 to 11, where temperature hardly reaches freezing. It consists of purple, red, pink, yellow, and white blooms.

  • Purple: Purple bougainvillea is available in various ranges which consist of James walker, Texas dawn, Tahitian dawn, etc. James Walker has a big vine and large purple-red leaf stalks or bracts. And Texas down is a specifically vigorous plant that has purple-pink bracts.
  • Red/pink bougainvillea: Plethora of varieties blossom in the shades of red-pink for instance- brilliant variegated, Mrs. butt, cherry blossom, and San Diego red. San Diego red is the most loved which have larger leaves, and long-lasting bracts in deep red color. Brilliant variegated is an expanding shrub with bracts of red color, it is the best choice for hanging baskets. Cherry blossoms consists of double rose-pink blooms and Mrs. Butt needs an abundance of heat for its adorable crimson flowers.
  • Yellows

Few bougainvillea varieties have yellow blossoms and the ones that have, ranging from a vibrant yellow to gold. Afterglow, an adorable bloom has a little foliage mixed with yellow-orange blooms. 

  • White

White bougainvillea is so easy to find owing to their availability.  For example Jamaica white, white Madonna, and Mary Palmer’s enchantment. The Jamaica white is a captivating bloom having white flowers with light green veins. Mary Palmer’s is a spacious large growing vine and has adorable pure white blooms. White Madonna also consists of pure white flowers.

Do bougainvillea attract animals?

The blooms of bougainvillea are small and adorable and have a lack of fragrances, so it is not their cup of tea to attract any kind of animals or bees, and butterflies. Due to this, they couldn’t invite the insects to pollinate them. But when they have to produce offspring, the flower manages in its own way, it expands its vibrant buds next to the petals and colors them into yellow, red, white, orange color. In this way, the flower becomes a favorable place to be visited by bees and butterflies, and in this way, their reproduction problem is solved. They are quite cunning plants.  

Toxicity of Bougainvillea

At first, you should learn to avoid the thorns of the bougainvillea, because they have sharp thorns that can easily prick the fabrics and skin. They should be planted with caution as they are edgy and have pointed thorns that can cause harm to children or pets.

When it comes to being poisonous, the sap of the bougainvillea is mildly toxic, but if ingested in large amounts, it can pave a path to illness. Do not worry as its leaves are not toxic, but a pierce from the plant’s sharp thorns can lead to skin rashes and diseases for example dermatitis, the symptoms may include pain, itching, stinging, or burning skin, blisters, swelling, sores, and scaly rash.

Bougainvillea is specifically safe for pets. As it is unlikely that they would eat this plant.

You are advised to plant it six to nine feet away as they need an ample amount of space to grow so that other plants couldn’t get disturbed.

Is bougainvillea good for homes?

Bougainvillea is a better choice for indoor plants, all they need is better sunlight, if you can provide them 6 to 8 hrs of direct sunlight then they can thrive better with you at your abode. 

Planting a bougainvillea will add charm to your house, and it will become a center of attraction. But adding charm is not a cup of tea, it requires lots of hard work and effort to make them grow.

Bougainvillea is a lover of the sun and blooms best when placed in a heated environment. It has large roots which do not like to be disturbed and when they bloom, you won’t believe how ecstatic they look! 

Want your abode to be full of charm and beauty, plant this beautiful bougainvillea and get all your stress to vanish, once you start taking care of it.

Bougainvillea is used in decoding the ambiance as they provide a sense of contentment. You can get this flower as a gift too.  They look wonderful and create a gratifying surrounding. You can get this as a bouquet to give at weddings and decoration for the events. They come in various hues which are like a cherry on the top.  They are available at local florist if you want to plant or give it as warm regards. If you are swamped and couldn’t afford time then don’t worry as flower delivery Singapore has everything stored for you. Share happiness and prosperity with bougainvillea plants. They are the creator of pleasant vibes and a happy ambiance.


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