Purple Iris
Purple Iris

Flowers are a boon on Earth. They help in painting the grey skies of one’s life into varicolored. Their finesse nature and gracefulness attract humankind towards them. Flowers with their flamboyant nature and delicacy make them the supreme choice as a gift. Iris flower is present in more than 200 varieties and shades. It is a spiritual flower and has lots of honor and respect within it.

What does an iris flower symbolize?

Iris has been seen as the token of majesty and fearlessness. Iris flower is miscellaneous; it is present in various shades and each shade of iris flower is exotic. Outnumbered people see the iris as a symbol of belief and saneness, so it is often used in religious activities.

Let’s read about some iris flower colors and their significance.

1. Purple Iris

Purple is a color full of elegance.  Purple iris represents the feeling of royalty. Nevertheless, it is not finite to one meaning, purple iris also signifies gratitude, sanity, and honor.

2. Blue Iris

Blue iris flower signifies desire, wish, and devoutness. Ordinarily, the blue iris is used on religious occasions and at holy places.

3. White Iris

White color itself has sanity and peace in it. The white iris flower delineates the feeling of virtue, honesty, and holiness.

4. Yellow Iris

Yellow Iris
Yellow Iris

Yellow color is full of hope and desires. It shines bright like the sun. The yellow iris flower represents the emotions of fellowship, zeal, and compassion.


Different colors and types of Iris flower

Iris flower is full of diversity. It is found in variant types and has its unique quality. This adorable bloom is full of quality and quantity.

Let’s pay heed to the types of Iris flower found: 

1. Bearded Iris

It is best-loved during springtime. These glitzy and enduring flowers show up in the middle of the spring and starting of the summer season. The nature of bearded iris are usually hardy in zone 3 to 9 and the plant’s transplantation is required when they reach their full size. (They can reach up to 40 inches of height). 

2. Siberian Iris

It is a kind of sturdy Iris that is a definition of beauty and blossoms in the last of spring and commencement of summer. It blooms open up in the shades of purple, red, white, blue, pink, orange, and yellow. Siberian iris is hardy in zones 3 to 9 and results in forming clusters of green leaves which works as an elegant texture to the garden style.

3. Dutch Iris

It is one of the most elegant picks for garden beauty. The Dutch iris comes in a variety of hues. The majority of gardeners specifically chose their preference of hue and plant it. The Dutch iris mainly produces the highest class blue iris, white iris, and a large diversity of other shades. Mainly it blooms in the month of spring and the hardy zone is 5 to 9.

4. Japanese Iris

It is an exotic iris that can nourish in standing water. This extreme beauty can bear the water level up to 6 inches but only during its blooming period. This floral beauty survives better in a dry ambiance. This bloom provides different hues but the most famed shades are blue and white.


What does Iris mean spiritually?

Purple Iris
Purple Iris

Iris flower is being represented as the rainbow arc in the middle path of heaven and Earth. Iris’s spiritual meaning is a blend of the triad, to be specific, there are three major points to catch the drift of the spiritual meaning of Iris.


1. The symbolism of Goddess

At first, Iris signifies the Goddess. The Goddess Iris is believed to be an emissary of Gods( Gods of sea and sky). She is connected with communication and new ventures. Her father, Thomas, was a marine god, and her mother, Elektra, was a cloud-nymph. She is seen as a message deliverer. Frequently the Goddess Iris presented in meditation as amber color and administered the communication between spirits of the dead and the living beings. It has been believed that Iris is associated with the gods to humanity, and it is a belief that the flower is named after her.



2. The flower symbolism

Iris flower is diversified in nature; it comes in more than 200 varieties in a large spectrum of hues and types. It is profoundly found in areas rich with water regions. In Greece, It is custom to plant purple Iris on the graves of women to request the Goddess Iris to show the path to the dead on their voyage. The trinity of flowers is the illustration of the link of spiritual connection between soul,  medium, and message receiver. In the language of blooms, iris represents hope, courage, and trust. The flower has an abundance of appearance near the wetlands. They also take birth in the month of spring and are usually seen as the symbolism of rebirth. These flowers help your spiritual life run better and make your meditation practice much better.



3. The Color Symbolism

Iris often hap in blues, purples, whites, and yellows but commonly used are purples. The upper part of the flower is purple and this color represents instinct and spiritual awareness. It gives a sense of development in your instinct and assists in forming a crystal clear link of yourself to spirit. The central part of the bloom is in yellow which symbolizes golden, divine light which is present in each person when the meditation process is done. That is a connection of self in between the spiritual world and the physical world. The goddess is presented as golden amber.


Amber or golden-amber frequently represents divinity or psychic healing and instinct. The most usual colours of the iris are gold and purple, which jointly convey the message of divinity and intuition.


General symbolism of Iris flower

The goddess Iris, the colors of the flower, and the flower iris merge to incarnate a perfect manifestation for a universal and holy connection to the spirit. This is a psychic representative flower. Iris commonly manifests trinity, a spiritual connection between the heaven and Earth realms, spiritual abilities and instinct, deific truth, desire, and rebirth.

A gaze on the iris flower can make your day. It brings an immense feeling of devoutness and divine grace.


How to grow and take care of an Iris plant?

“Anyone can grow iris”, it has been said by Doris Wonton, who has had a lifelong attachment to this plant. Iris is a diversified group of plants, and bearded iris is the commonly grown iris plant. Bearded Iris produces an abundance of colors, even extraordinary colors can be found in the bearded iris. Still let’s check the points to grow Iris.


Iris growing guidance

White Iris
White Iris

It never matters what variety of Iris you have chosen to grow, there are few points you need to consider while germinating an Iris. 


1. Plant them in the sunny area

The Iris plant requires well-dried soil and approximately six hours of sunlight daily. A day spent under the sunlight is good to keep the rhizomes all dry. (Rhizomes are flesh-like structures present at the base of the plant).



2. Prepare their beds

You are required to use a low in nitrogen fertilizer and apply it two times in a year: that is at the starting of spring and after the bloom when the rhizomes are going to form the flowers of next year. Water it when you feel the plant is experiencing dryness or giving water after the plant’s transplantation.



3. Give them space to breathe

Iris needs good air to breathe. Grow them at least 16 to 18 inches far.



4. Do not mulch

Mulching helps the soil to gain moisture, and it is not good for the plant as an abundance of moisture can cause the rhizomes to rot.



5. Remove seed pods that form after the flowers have faded

Removing the seed pods will help the seedlings from being choked in the surrounding soil areas. The formation of seeds saps the energy required by the roots, rhizomes, and leaves. 



6. Trim the foliage in the fall

Pruning of the plant will reduce overwintering pests and diseases.



7. Make dividing a habit

You are required to divide the cluster of the bearded iris plants every three to four years during the season of late summer.  



Five gift ideas of Iris flower

Flowers never utter a word, but they convey a lot just by being there. Iris flower has a wide variety of hues and every shade has something to say.

Your special occasion is on the verge and you have not yet decided what to do so don’t be so stressed out as Iris flowers are there for you. These exotic flowers will make all your events joyous and happening. 


1. Iris flower bouquets

Iris flower bouquets are a hamper of contentment. You can order it for your special day or it can also be given as a gift to the beloved and not going to lie they will adore the iris floral bouquet by you. Iris flowers are a way to happiness. You can get your preference of shade for the bouquet such as a white iris flower bouquet or blue iris flower bouquet or any shade you love to have. 



2. Iris flower jewelry

Whether it is a wedding season or friendship day or any special day for the lady luck in your life. You can get her floral ornament and she will be on cloud nine as flowers are the path leading to good cheer. You can give her an iris floral band, floral bracelets, rings, and necklaces.



3. Iris flower combo with cookies

To make your day extraordinary you may need the help of an iris flower with a hamper of cookies as, if the tummy is happy then will the person. Cookies with a flower bouquet are the best idea to brighten the special day of your loved one.



4. Iris flower combo with soft toys

What’s better than a cuddly companion, an exotic iris flower, and a stuffed toy to perk up the mood. It is one of the finest gifts for your dear ones.



5. Iris flower combo with chocolates

Chocolates with flowers, what a precious combination! Get a bouquet of iris flowers with yummy delights of chocolates. It is going to be a sheer present for your near and dear ones.


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Iris flower arrangements

Floral arrangements can be called for several occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, office celebrations, or any festival such as new year, Christmas eve, or any other special day such as mother’s day, father’s day to name a few.

One can do iris floral arrangements in different ways such as one can make iris floral wreaths or iris garlands, iris boutonnieres for special occasions. 

One can arrange iris flowers on their ceilings at any special event.

Decoration with a wide variety of iris can be done outside the front door and it can be used as a grand welcome for near and dear ones.

The hallway is the most beautiful, all adorned with flowers. You can opt for gorgeous white and purple iris to display in the hallway and make the people go all awe with the charm and beauty of the iris flower.

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