fruit basket
Fruit Basket


Fruit basket with various jams or other food seems so delicious to celebrate anything. Besides it’s tempting look, it also becomes one of the healthiest gifts for someone. Furthermore, fruits are so popular and are enjoyed by everyone, from kids to adults. Fruit as a hamper or arranged in a basket are so popular these days, especially in California and Florida, where the finest fresh fruits come from. The most common basket includes various fruits, like oranges, tangerines, mandarin oranges, clementine, grapefruits, etc.

Other than that, figs, apples, marmalade, pears, and nuts are also being the most recommended option to give someone. Or, you can pick an elegant citrus fruit collection in a sturdy and luxurious box. Occasionally, the exotic fruits also take the slot in seasonal celebrations or events.

Amid the online shopping trend, delivery services are now following a digital lifestyle. With a smartphone in hand, you can send and track packages easily. In today’s digital and connected era, you can do the things mentioned earlier only with the touch of your finger, including fruit basket delivery.

Nowadays, fruit basket delivery is a convenience that people can experience. You can easily send fruit baskets from many places, offline and online. Because it can be done anywhere via computer or smartphone, you can save your time and money when you decide to send fruit baskets online. There is no need to spend time dressing up to go shopping, no need to spend time commuting, especially when it’s jammed!

Things you only have to do is choosing the right fruit basket you want to give, if you want to send get well soon fruit basket Singapore or cheap fruit basket Singapore, you can send it through FlowerAdvisor, just select the item in the FlowerAdvisor’s search box, transfer the payment, and you just have to wait for your ordered to be delivered to your recipient.

Fruit basket can be your choice to send to people because it is a unique gift but suitable for every occasion and holiday. Learn more about fruit baskets so it can be your number one choice by reading the article below!

The Tradition

Fruit Store
Fruit Store


The habits of gifting a fruit basket delivery to someone have existed and is a tradition for a long time ago. It came naturally when people hunted and gathered by putting fruit into the basket they bought. It was a common thing to take food in that way.

Nowadays, people also still use this method when gathering food. You’ll immediately put your groceries in the store by gathering them into a basket or bag, and then you can quickly bring it home. Lately, putting and arranging fruit into a basket becomes a popular way to go on any occasion.

The tradition has elaborated through the centuries. People had prized someone with fresh fruit to celebrate the winning. Besides its deliciousness with so many minerals and vitamins, fruits also were categorized as hard to get. In the Middle Ages, people in Europe saw fruits as a luxury thing during winter and cold fall.

Thanks to the internet, nowadays people can easily buy various premium fruit baskets to celebrate everything. People may still purchase it in a grocery store, but now you can purchase it online. It means you can also deliver it right away to someone without the need to pick and arranging those fruits by yourself.

On which occasions fruit baskets can be sent

The fruit basket is an easy way to send someone a special message. You can consider giving your partner a gift fruit basket if they do not like flowers. The fruit basket is also an appropriate gift to give to your colleges, family members, or your neighbors. It also suits every occasion such as condolence or a sympathy gift for a funeral or gets well soon, or even to show your joy for the achievement as a congratulations gift.

Not only for a few occasions, but a fruit basket can also be delivered. You may consider giving a fruit basket to the perfect timing to deliver it. It may be slightly different from the tradition, but if the fruit is arranged and wrapped in a basket beautifully, you do not have to worry; the basket will be perfect! However, you can stick to more traditional fruits such as oranges, strawberries, bananas, grapes, or apples. Here is the perfect timing to send your fruit basket:

Perfect Timing to Send a Fruit Basket

Fruit basket with tangerines
Fruit basket with tangerines


An elegant basket filled with various fresh fruits is an ideal thing to give on so many occasions. It has a lovely look and colorful that can enlighten the mood, a perfect decoration for formal dining tables. It will be more meaningful when you send it on the right occasions, such as;

1. Tailgating

It is the perfect choice to celebrate the fall football season for tailgate parties. In this case, orange baskets will be a wise option to serve your friends with sweet, fresh, and healthful things while consuming an alcoholic beverage and grilled food at an indoor or outdoor event. The orange flavor has fitted the occasion for the get-together festive and can be shared around!

2. Thanksgiving

It is when everything needs to be perfectly arranged by sending a fruit basket with flowers to your family member, partner, or colleague. Citrus is always being loved to create a beautiful table centerpiece, and your seasonal greenery and citrus have a wonderful fragrance that will live the mood in the room. They are refreshing, revitalizing, and will deodorize the room. Citrus also has rich in multiple nutrients such as vitamin C, fiber, and flavonoids that are good for your body. So you can balance your Thanksgiving meal with eating citrus to stay healthy.

3. Winter

The fruit basket steel will suit the occasion. Not only act as the basket, but it can also be used as a fruit bowl and can be used for cleaning and draining the fruit. Choose the right fruit to put together in the fruit bowl that does not speed up the spoilage, such as citrus, avoid putting fruit that is super sensitive to the ethylene gas, such as tomatoes, melons, and bananas. Welcoming the first day of winter that usually takes on December 21, will be perfect for giving a citrus basket as a special surprise.

4. Christmas

People already make a stereotype of giving fresh fruit to be a wonderful Christmas gift. Although it seems cheap, people love it and label it as a memorable present to your guests. You can choose a premium fruit basket that contains exotics fruits to make it more elegant and fancier. Fill your basket with lychees, pomegranates, pineapples, kiwis, or mangos. It will be different from the regular basket and will be more memorable.

5. New Year

No one can deny a fully packaged basket contains various fruits in the New Year event. Whether citrus, navel oranges, honey mandarins, honey-bell tangelos or clementine, or ruby red grapefruit is perfect for celebrating this moment. You can choose your fruit basket with fruit or fruit basket with flowers. The perfect combination of fresh fruit and fresh flowers is perfect for your basket filler; with the touch of the red rose or the sunflower, your basket would be very special.

Different reasons to send fruit basket

A gift was supposed to have some personal meaning behind it, including a fruit basket. With a fruit basket as a gift, you have sent an all-purpose present that will likely appeal to your recipient. In an elegantly handcrafted fruit basket, it will make your gift sweeter. Sending the grand fruit basket brimming with sweet and juicy taste will spread the joy, but there are more reasons you should consider sending a fruit basket other than the way it looks.

Fruit sliced
Fruit sliced


The Main Reasons to Send Fruit Basket to Someone

Sending fresh fruit to someone is one of the most popular gift basket ideas. Not only in these 5 main occasions, but it can also be a part to celebrate anything. There are four main reasons why it is quite popular these days.

1. Deliverable

Rather than any baskets or bouquets, the fruit is quite easy to pack and deliver. It has been sent almost any time and everywhere without any serious issues. By buying a fruit basket online, you can quickly find the type of fruit you want. Just type them in the search box.

2. Affordable

A basket filled with fruits can be so affordable depending on the fruit arranged into it regarding its price. You will have many options to choose from that can be adjusted according to your budget. Also, you can pick fruit basket plastic for the bowl of the fruit to a much cheaper option. Finally, you will not waste your time going from one store to another to compare the prices.

3. Healthy

Almost every fruit is nutritious with minerals and vitamins that keep your health. Eating fruit regularly will boost your health and help protect against some diseases. Fruit basket is perfect for the healthy holiday food gift; you can make a fruit basket as a snack gift for anyone: friends, family, colleges that might want to eat healthier.

4. Delicious

No matter how older adults are, most of them love fruits very much. Especially, the common fruit like apples, oranges, bananas, and grapefruit can be generally enjoyed by everyone. The fruit has a sweet flavor, flashy taste, easy to digest, and gentle for your body, and almost all of their parts are edible, and the natural sugar in fruit is needed for energy. Not only delicious, but fruits are also good for your skin and hair healthier, smoother, and glowing.

Simple ways to arrange/ decorate fruit baskets

Arranging and decorating a fruit basket is very easy. If you want to make a homemade fruit basket as a gift, it is easy to make. You can get a basket from your go-to-go convenience store; choose the attractive, sturdy basket and large enough to hold the fruits. Fill it with fruits you prefer; if you know the fruit recipient enjoys, it will be better; you can include traditional fruits if you do not know. Wrap it with plastic; you may need to reposition the fruit to keep it in place, set the larger fruit in the middle of the basket. Lastly, finish the basket with the bow on top of the fruit basket, use wire to attach the ribbon, write your greeting card, and your fruit basket is ready to send!

Moreover, if you do not want to use plastic to cover your fruit basket, you can choose a fruit basket with a lid to cover your basket. With your basket come with a lid, the basket will look more stylish and neat to put on the table’s dining area or top.

How it is easy to send fruit basket online

Are you aware of the technological advances, which can make shopping a lot easier for you? Imagine shopping at a supermarket or fruit shop full of visitors in this pandemic Covid-19 times, steps being blocked by other visitors, and you need to clean and sanitize every time you need to go out. It is uncomfortable and annoying, right?

In stark contrast, when you decided to do your shopping online, you can send fruit while relaxing in the room by listening to your favorite music, watching TV, or relaxing while drinking coffee or tea. You can do all of these things using the florist fruit basket Singapore website, FlowerAdvisor. And what is more interesting is that you will get the best online fresh fruit with many options available on the website that are suitable for every event. Besides that, you can feel the pleasure of sending fruit baskets online because of flexible delivery schedules; you can send it anytime you want.

Where can I buy a fruit basket?

Many stores sell fruit baskets. If you prefer to buy fruit baskets offline to see and pick the fruit directly, you can go to the nearest convenience store or the nearest florist shop that sells fruit baskets. You can arrange and pick on what to decorate your fruit basket easily by going to the store, and you can easily change the fruit if you think it is not suitable for your basket.

Moreover, if you do not want to go to the store, you can buy your fruit basket online. There will be many packages available for your fruit basket; you do not need to compare the price and calculate them because the package already shows them to you with many filler varieties. Do not forget to add flowers to your basket to make it more beautiful!

From tradition to be part of the recent trend, fruit + basket will always be loved by everyone. You can choose various fruits to be arranged into a basket personally, adjusting your need and budget. Fruit baskets also can be delivered more safely when you pick a trusted delivery service. Where can I buy a fruit basket? You can send fruit baskets to Singapore through FlowerAdvisor. We served the premium fruit basket to give your recipient warm greetings, good health, and best of luck with plenty of fresh fruit to share around!


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