Tips Grow Bougainvillea
Tips Grow Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is native to the Caribbean Islands, Rio de Janeiro, and South America. Therefore this flower is considered one of the most famous exotic flowers. This colorful bloom brought a cheerful presence with their appearance. Many would fall in love in an instant at the sight of bougainvillea flowers. You can find this magnificent exotic bloom in red, orange, pink, and probably a unique combination of those three colors. 

Charms of Bougainvilleas

The thin texture and bright colors of its petals make this tropical bloom perfect as a decoration or an arrangement. The interesting texture and hues of this flower could lift the room’s atmosphere. It is common to display bougainvillea in a tall vase, or to decorate the top of your fireplace. Besides indoor decoration, bougainvillea is also very suitable to beautify your garden. This beautiful bloom is capable to grow from 60 cm to 12 meters tall. The wide range happened because of the large number of species it has.

Where to Grow Bougainvilleas

Despite originally thriving in tropical weather, you can still grow bougainvillea and watch it blooms with the right growing tips, including where to let the plant grow properly. This flower usually starts to beautify the earth with its colorful petals in early spring. No praises are too much for this delicate flower. You can grow this bloom, not only in a spacious space but also in a limited space. Through this article, you could learn how to grow this paper-thin flower.

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Bougainvillea Growing Tips

Growing Bougainvillea Tips
Growing Bougainvillea Tips

Growing and caring for this plant is classified as easy and beginner-friendly. This plant does not demand high-level maintenance. As long as you provide everything the plant needs, it will thrive and blossom just fine. Just like any other plant, bougainvillea needs sunlight, water, and soil to bloom. Here are the detailed tips regarding sunlight, water, and soil humidity the plant may need.

1. Sun Exposure

This tropical bloom demands a generous amount of sun exposure. Approximately six hours a day would be enough, don’t forget to prepare a shady spot to place the plant later on.

2. Soil Humidity

Bougainvillea needs humid soil to thrive. Therefore it is important to make sure the soil is well-drained but not too drained. Please remember that the plant doesn’t favor wet soil because it may cause rotten roots. 

3. Soil pH level

Besides a certain level of humidity, bougainvillea also needs slightly acidic soil, which means the pH of the soil has to be between 5,5 to 6,0.

4. The Plant Placement

It is crucial to pay attention to the root ball’s well-being. Therefore, it is necessary to dig a hole that fits the root ball perfectly. Don’t forget to add fertilizer into the hole.

Bougainvillea Caring Tips as Outdoor Plant

Bougainvillea Caring Tips
Bougainvillea Caring Tips

1. Watering

Don’t water the plant too often to avoid bacteria and fungi’s growth. However, you shouldn’t neglect the plant and let the soil turn dry. You can add water to your plant when 5-7 cm from the soil surface feels dry.

2. Add Fertilizer

It is necessary to feed the plant with fertilizer once in a few months or at least once a year to assist the plant in blooming flowers. The perfect time to add fertilizer would be at the beginning of spring.

3. Pruning

Pruning allows you to have a beautiful bougainvillea plant that will add aesthetic value to your garden. To avoid skin rash, please use gloves during the pruning process.

4. Placement

Place your bougainvillea plant where it is exposed to enough sunlight and prepare a shady spot in case the sunlight is too harsh. Move your plant into a pot when winter is about to come. It is safer for the plant to be inside during winter because bougainvillea is a tropical plant and might not survive in the cold.

If you wish to have bougainvillea other than a garden plant or a potted plant, this plant is also commonly found as vines. Bougainvillea vines would be a beautiful decoration for walls, gates, park arches, window arches, main doors, and many more. 

Bougainvilleas as Decorations

Besides house decorations, bougainvillea vines are often used in wedding receptions. The usual color combinations are pink and white, red and white, purple and pink, or maybe red and pink. Other than weddings, there are plenty of occasions that are suitable to celebrate with this paper-thin flower. That’s because this flower carries messages that touch many hearts, which will be furtherly explained in the following paragraph.

Bougainvilleas Symbolism and Meanings

1. Warm Welcome

Just like previously stated, this flower is often used as decoration for arches and doors. Not only for aesthetic purposes but also the beautiful meaning bougainvillea symbolizes. Especially at parties, a party host needs to make sure that every guest is welcomed to the party. The perfect symbolization of a warm welcome is no other than bougainvillea.

2. Burning Passion 

This tropical flower is the perfect representation of burning passion. Back in the Victorian era, this flower was sent as a gift intending to ignite one’s passion and spirit. It is appropriate to send bougainvilleas to a friend or a relative as a sign of support and encouragement or a simple “hey, I got your back.”

3. Liveliness

When celebrating your special day, it is expected that you want everyone at the event to feel the same excitement as you are. This flower is representative of liveliness, which is perfect to build the mood and the joyfulness of the event.

4. Valuable Experience

If you want to send this delicate beauty as a sign of appreciation for the experience and memories you have, whether with a friend, a partner, or a lover, congratulations, you make a perfect choice. Because this flower is a symbol of valuable experience. Handing this flower to someone is the same as saying, “I cherish every moment I spent with you.” Growing this beautiful flower with significant symbolism is nothing complicated. You can grow this tropical flower anywhere as long as you follow the correct growing guides.