Hybrid Orchid
Hybrid Orchid

Vanda Miss Joaquim (Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim) is a kind of orchid flower. It is a gorgeous hybrid flower. A can have twelve flower buds and four flowers blooming at the same time. Vanda is only 5cm in diameter and 50cm tall on the stem. The top petals are soft pinkish-purple color, and the bottom petals are purple. The middle of the flower, which is the lip is a little purple, and a gradient of vivid orange inside.

How to Grow Vanda Miss Joaquim

Vanda Miss Joaquim
Vanda Miss Joaquim

Below are the steps to grow vanda miss Joaquim:

  1. Get a pot ready with soil inside. Instead of the soil, we can put broken glass, coconut husk, or pieces of fern. It is all called growing media.
  2. Plug the wire into the soil. The wire used to make the stem regular and does not spread apart.
  3. Put the pot into a place that has sunlight, and the wind because vanda needs enough sunlight. 
  4. And you can plant the plantlet into the pot.

To plant the Vanda Miss Joaquim, you need the plantlet. You can find the plantlet on e-commerce, which is officially managed by Singapore. It is only above 18 SGD.


Meaning of Vanda Miss Joaquim

Vanda Miss Joaquim is a hybrid plant among the vanda teres and vanda hookarea. There are two different kinds of vanda but still looks pretty when put together. Although there are two different things, they are stronger and firm when put together.  

Vanda Miss Joaquim is known as the orchid princess aloha. Vanda Miss Joaquim in Chinese called zhoujin wandailan, which is in mandarin, means ‘orchid with everlasting excellence.’


Care of Vanda Miss Joaquim

Vanda needs lots of sunlight, but we can not place a vanda outdoors. It will break the vanda when the rain comes and soaks the vanda. We can lid the vanda with a paranet or transparent lid. Thus the vanda will not be in the shower and still can get a lot of sunlight. If the petals get yellow, the vanda is burnt, yet if the petals are getting green, the vanda needs more sunlight.

Usually, vanda needs to be watered twice a day. You can water a vanda in the morning and evening. You shouldn’t water the flower using a watering can. You should water the vanda using a sprayer until every part of them gets watered slowly. 

Fertilize the vanda. Vanda needs to be fertilized to get nutrition and comprise nutrients. The fertilizer is not put in the pot or the soil. You need to dissolve one teaspoon fertilizer and 5 liters of water and spray it onto the vanda leaves and roots. Spray it 1-2 times per week. The fertilizer that this flower loves is nitrogen fertilizer. 

To avoid pests, the place of the vanda should be clean every time. The use of organic pesticides will avoid pests more effectively. If the pest exists on your vanda, just take it off using hands.    


National Flower of Singapore

National flower of Singapore
National flower of Singapore

Singapore is the only country that chooses the hybrid flower as the national flower.  Vanda Miss Joaquim is legalized and announced as the national flower of Singapore on 15 April 1981 by the minister of culture, S. Dhanabalan. Then vanda miss Joaquim is planted around public facilities, the park, and the public place, which many can see.

Singapore picked this flower to be the national flower because its color and durability are excellent. The quality of Vanda Miss Joaquim is considered to be reflecting the passion of Singapore peoples. And the question is, why hybrid plants? It reflects the character of Singapore peoples, which is very plural. Singapore is filled up with different ethnicities and races who live together. 

The Singapore Botanic Garden name this hybrid orchid because the person who crossesed vanda teres, and vanda hookarena is named Agnes Joaquim. Agnes Joaquim was an orchid specialist from Armenia, who is famous in Singapore. 

Sadly, the pressure occurred to replace vanda Miss Joaquim as a national flower of Singapore. It no longer mirrors the character of Singapore. Singapore these days is not as plural and heterogeneous as Singapore 80’s. Currently, Chinese culture dominates the way of life for Singaporeans.


National Flower of Indonesia


Indonesia has three national flowers. The first flower is the white jasmine or Jasminum Sambac. It means the holy and beauty of mind that is humble yet charming. The aroma also smells elegant. It might give you a relaxed and comfortable sensation.

While the national flower of charm from Indonesia is moth orchids, this is a species of orchid that grows on the mother tree’s stem. Moth orchids have a pretty white color. That’s why Indonesia selected this flower to be the flower of charm from Indonesia. 

The last national flower is rare. The rare flower is the rafflesia species, Rafflesia Arnoldi. This flower is generally known as the corpse flower. However, those are two different kinds of flowers. The rafflesia flower has 70-110cm diameters and is 50cm tall. This flower only blooms for several days and can only be found in the Bengkulu forest.


Draw Vanda Miss Joaquim

Stuff that you need to draw Vanda Miss Joaquim is the picture of vanda miss Joaquim, pencil, eraser, paper, and colored pencil. Those are straightforward stuff to do.

And the steps below. 

  1. Draw a little circle right in the middle, add the lines up, down, and sides from the circle slightly.
  2. From the lines, sides curve the petals right and left.
  3. Add the details of the vanda lip from the circle.
  4. Draw the petals down longer
  5. Add a petal up, but this one is more conical.
  6. From the left petal, draw a piece of stem or twig. And we are done!
  7. Color the lips with vivid orange and slowly make it gradient with purple.
  8. Start coloring the up and sides petals from the middle using purple, which is getting thinner upward, and use soft pink for the petals’ tip.
  9. And at the down petal only use purple color but make it darker in the beginning.
  10. Don’t forget to color the twig using green.

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